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  zinoxity  |  23

Fff. I hit send before I finished writing and it wouldn't let me edit.
That's bad*. You should probably start easy and work your way up, since you probably haven't been doing exercise previous to that. I know that when I started, I felt tired super fast. But eventually, I built up.

  Keyman1212  |  14

OP needs to realize that the Elliptical is only one of perhaps 6 cardio machines in her gym (mine has six different ones anyway) and to not be discouraged by getting sick on the Elliptical! Hell, if OP can't do any of the cardio machines, just lifting weights will burn calories and improve OP's musculature overall! Keep pushing yourself OP. The only easy day was yesterday, or some bullshit encouragement like that.


Everyone is at a different fitness level and can handle different things, so don't feel too bad. It's really underrated, but walking is a great and simple form of exercise. The important thing is to be moving period. I could barely walk a block, now I'm running 2 miles for you will get there eventually.

  Steve95401  |  49

There are other ways to firm up your ass that don't involve motion sickness inducing machines. I'm sure the trainers at the gym could show OP some floor exercises that would work just as well.

  girl112891  |  7

Bikes are easier. Though it takes more time to burn calories. My blood iron always drops and I get dizzy fast so I understand. Good luck with future work outs!