By cold&sticky - / Sunday 24 February 2019 18:00 /
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  melisssa87  |  29

Nope, you don't need to find me because I have already invited you to Sweden you know where I am remember? And I will treat you to some kalles kaviar and you will love it! haha

  tounces7  |  25

So at this point I'm starting to think perhaps the police should be notified about David because he's making comments that could easily be construed as actual threats and are considered a crime.

  Mungolikecandy  |  17

Very true. Also actions like that have the possibility to escalate if not nipped in the bud early,

By  Levi2411  |  37

You should kindly inform your ex that you do not need his milkshake to bring the boys to the yard. You and your new ride can handle it just fine on your own.

By  maroongrad  |  13

hope you filed a report for assault. May or may not do anything but you can hope, and it's on record should the next thrown item hit your eye. And... call his dad. Mom too but dad first. If they are worth a damn he'll stay far away after that.

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