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Today, I decided to dress up a little to go out to the bar. I put on a nice shirt, some leggings and heels. When I walked out the door my dad said that I looked like a whore. When I got to my boyfriends house I told him what my dad had said and he replied "I'd have to agree with him." FML
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deaditegirl 0

YDI for trying to pass off leggings as actual pants.

Well they were just being truthful, you can't blame them If you don't want to be called a whore then don't dress like one


how short was the shirt though?

no1askdu 5

its 2 over one which means your a whore

lol.. dont worry bettyboop #20 isn't calling you a whore.. He is just a tool that responded to your post to get on top =)

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no, dumb ass i was responding to her so my response should have been under hers.. had i responded and said something that clearly didn't go with hers then you could say that...

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You know what? On Thursday July 23, 2009 at approximately 3:28:17 (GMT + 0:00), almost 17,000 people agreed with your dad and boyfriend. Apparently, you presume that you were right, and 17,000 were wrong. Take a hint honey.

ipoopinmypants 0

may be that is because you aren't wearing pants you whore

ipoopinmypants 0

may be that is because you aren't wearing pants you whore

dzidziaud 5

I AGREE. For the last time, LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Don't try to wear them like they are. It's disgusting. No one wants to see your camel toe or ass cheeks.

Brittaneyyy 0

lmaoooo leggings aren't pants please buy some

crazychick1269 7

what's so bad with that?!?!

Mausler 0

dress normal?

deaditegirl 0

YDI for trying to pass off leggings as actual pants.

swooshq 0

I agree. Leggings or tights ≠ pants.

But what about metallic leggings as pants? That's classy right? XD

djb23 0

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you know what I don't like? Jeggings

Pb_lily 0

what's a jegging?

jegginhs are jeans that are made of like spandex or something stretchy...

its just an excuse for a girl to show off her ass. as a guy i cant really complain but still, it is trashy

Am I the only person who still doesn't know how to do the 'does not equal' sign?

my problem is that not only was she trying to pass off leggings as real pants, but she apparently considers wearing leggings to be "dressing up a little". how about a nice dress or a skirt or something if you want to dress it up for the bar? leggings are like the epitome of trashy, i-don't-care.

heyyou1203 0

I'll agree that leggings are NOT a substitute for pants, but sometimes if you have a really long shirt or sweater that goes OVER your ass, leggings can look really cute. and i don't think she meant dressing up as in dressing fancy. dressing up to me means not jeans and a T-shirt, not super casual, which is what this sounds like. and heels can often dress up even slightly casual outfits.

OHMYGOD Thank you! I hate it when girls try to pass off leggings as pants. It's always the fat ones, and it always looks like someone overstuffed a sausage. GROSS. YDI.

64, grow up. I have jeggings, I wore them with a dress once, they actually looked good. (:

231- yeah thats what a trashy person would think, who the fuck would wear jeans under a dress? What are you, Juno?

lmfao25 0

Haha, look at yourself in the mirror first ?

whoa! are you like whore- lady or something?

I'd have to agree with #3, leggings are definitely NOT PANTS. The 80s were a fashion disaster decade, get over it already.

kellybri 0

I'm guessing you don't keep up with this, but leggings are still in.

deaditegirl 0

@10- Leggings being "in" still doesn't make them actual pants.

i_love_fml_11 0

as you can see, many people have said they still wear leggings but we do not wear them as pants. Leggings ≠ pants!

kellybri 0

Wear a longer shirt next time :)

Shock98 0

leggings =/= pants

Well they were just being truthful, you can't blame them If you don't want to be called a whore then don't dress like one

Just because she dresses like a whore doesn't mean she is one. That is the excuse dammit, and whores all over are stickin to it. OP, leggings aren't considered pants...people usually wear them under a skirt or something...I'm not gonna say anything about the heels because every woman should wear heels at least once (comfortable heels, not like, fetish heels or anything...)

letitbe56 0

No...leggings under a skirt is SO middle-school. It makes it seem like you're afraid of the skirt. Leggings should be worn with a longer shirt or tunic.

I'd rather look middle school than be called a whore.

ihatestupidppl 0

Why does wearing leggings under a skirt make you "afraid" of the skirt, but wearing it under a shirt or tunic doesn't make you "afraid" of the shirt & tunic?

because a skirt is a bottom and doesn't need any assistance covering your ass, whereas a shirt or tunic is a top and isn't intended to cover your ass.. leggings are neither.. they are an accessory not bottoms

The only people wearing tunics better have a Master Sword equipped and freakin' be saving Hyrule, in my opinion. Just contributing to the conversation, don't mind me...


Obviously you haven't seen how short skirts are now. I would much rather they cover a bit more of themselves with a skirt AND leggings than be able to see their thong or panties or whatever every time they sit down. Even if it does look stupid. Next time, OP, wear a nice dress, don't show a lot of cleavage or leg and listen to your damn dad. Buy some actual nice clothes, not stupid-looking trendy shit

guinness_fml 0

150, I agree completely. A cap that matches the tunic is also completely necessary. Notice, however, that even the hero of time puts some leggings under that tunic. Damn classy.

letitbe56 0

Just to be clear, in current fashion, a tunic is a top that is too long to be considered a shirt but too short to be considered a dress. It often tapers in or is belted at the waist. Tunic:$detailmain$

Just to be clear, The Legend of Zelda is a game where a boy who wears a tunic and matching hat saves Hyrule from the evil clutches of Ganon with the Master Sword. I think we all knew what a tunic is, but thanks anyway for the explanation no one asked for. :D EDIT: Ha ha, he DOES wear leggings, doesn't he!? I guess if you can fight evil in it and not be called a whore, then it works for everywhere else.

#150 - I've seen some people rock the hell out of tunics. Sadly, only one of them were saving Hyrule. I have seen lots of people making tunics look stupid saving Hyrule, however. In before erroneous statements about the Zelda series! :-D

woot for 56 being trashy. I agree they look dumb with a skirt, but they look skanky as pants, or with a longer shirt, which usually is way too short for the purpose anyway. just wear real clothes like a big girl

woot for 52 being trashy I mean, sry 56 I didn't even see your comment >.< redirect all comments to 52 XD

it mostly depends on the shirt. If it's long, it's okay, but I never feel comfortable unless I slap on a skirt. I like leggings with shorts. Am I weird?

Leggings can never be bottoms by themselves, unless you are wearing a dress. And no, a long shirt is not a dress. YDI

kandi_shop_xoxo 0

well, If it is worn correctly, leggings with a long shirt is cute. Annnd long shirts cover your ass, they are just really short dresses... so, the leggings make it not "whorey" (most of the time).