By rutho - United States
Today, I decided to cheat on my math test by writing a couple of equations on my hand. Totally satisfied, I handed my test in feeling like I had aced it. As I was heading toward the door, I happily waved goodbye to my teacher. She saw everything. FML
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  tapdancr4eva  |  0

Why the hell would u write it on ur feet ur deff going to be caught doing that. I suggest writing it on ur hand just like u did but after u turn the test in ask to go to the bathroom and wash it all off.

By  mfed1120  |  0

this reminds me of when i wrote some answers on my hand
well it was more like my arm
and then i wrote the hw for my class on the top of my hand.
when i turned in the test, my teacher goes...let me see ur hand.
she didnt see my answers, thank god, only the hw.
and i got off.
that sucks, but that is your own fault,sorry kidd!

By  melzy626  |  0

..I use my phone and it works perfectly..just sit in back of the class....also write on a piece of paper and put it in your sleeve..also you can like write on your ankle and lift your pant leg while in exam lol..they all work.

By  PKYAZ  |  0

why cheat lol
u dont cheat anybody
u cheat ur self
and belive me u'll suffer this when u enter ur practical life
but hey am only 15 years old but I here this talk all the time and I find it right so I will never cheat =)

  Drummer389000  |  0

I'm 18 and I totally agree. Cheating always gets you in trouble. (or at least me) so don't cheat and work it out the hard way. Sorry about the extra work but everyone else has to do it too.

  HomelessDonut  |  9

"Practical life"

That does not involve most of the junk they teach you in school. I mean, you won't be able to stop global warming by writing an essay, for example!

By  Jimboom  |  11

You cheated. You were stupid and got caught. YDI!

Now shuttup and start studying... Or your going to accomplish anything more than flipping burgers for me and asking if I want fries with that.

  jjason_y  |  7

*You're. I agree cheating is bad, but it's mostly his fault that he waved. That is very stupid of him. Just because he cheated that one time doesn't mean he's a bad person or he's stupid. Maybe one day you could cheat on spelling by remembering you're isn't your?