By ThatEndedWell - / Monday 7 January 2019 22:00 / United States - Staten Island
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By  whiskey'swino  |  12

Fighting at work can get you fired. Running your mouth off and getting your ass whooped will get you laughed out the building. Which is worse? You fucked your own life here, more ways than one.

By  chessu  |  21

Not only did you challenge someone to a fight, you did it so without even doing a basic background check on him. I mean - if he looks like a jock he's probably been working out for a while to look like that. 100% deserved it.

By  Abbusser  |  8

Here comes the BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!
Seriously, WTF did you think would happen?
Just started taking lessons and ready to kick someone's ass?
YDI BIG time...

By  NostalgiaFreak9  |  40

So what are we gonna see next, you challenging him to a rematch, then a Rocky-esque montage of you training your ass off, and when that's over, you two duking it out to a very 80s soundtrack, and finally, his girlfriend or wife swoons over you and when she comes to, she leaves him for you, and you two live happily ever after while he falls into a state of depression, loses his current job, becomes an alcoholic, and works a new deadend job?

By  Sinshine  |  25

You having taken classes (or started taking classes) makes this so much worse. You don't EVER use things like that outside of the ring. Any martial arts school will (and should) kick you out immediately when they hear about that.

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