By brokebihhhh - United States
Today, I decided to catch a flight to see my boyfriend, who is stationed in the army 300 miles away. When I was just 15 minutes from the base he called to say that we should break up. Now I'm heading back to California, single and broke. FML
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By  sonasonic  |  34

You should have surprised him at the base by turning up there moments after he breaks up with you, and tell him that you will haunt him forever. His expression would be priceless. XD

By  cwfabb  |  0

I think that everyone is assuming that OP's ex knew that OP was coming. If he did, then yes, it is a dick move. But if he didn't, then it was just bad luck that he chose that time to call.

  Mediusa  |  15

Oh I read it as if OP just visited her boyfriend at the base and was 15minutes from his base on the way back and he didn't have the guts to tell her in person. But here's why suprise visits are never a good idea when someone lives that far away.