By TRalalla - 07/08/2010 17:10 - Canada

Today, I decided to call the number a cute guy had scribbled onto a napkin and given to me. I was greeted by, "Hello, this is Dr. Allen's office." Surprised, because I didn't remember his name being anything close to Allen, I asked who Dr. Allen was. She's a psychologist. FML
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if he knew a PHSYCHOLOGISTS number off the top of his head that tells you sumthin

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:) nice


michaelmca65 0

:) nice

omg it was really a woman the whole time

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piggyback comment

fucking sux!!

you should talk to her and ask what it means

I'm guessing bipolar?

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random guy win

in soviet Russia, pschologist call you!

PimpdaddyCJT 13

maybe it's a hint

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needs more info. did you know the guy? doesn't seem like it. so ydi for just dialing any "cute guy" you see.

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OP fyl

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it's funny because the guy at the resterant pulled a prank on you by giving you the number of a local doctors office because he never liked you! or he was really a girl!

it's funny because he thinks your crazy and sent you to get fixed

you just got served by a tranny

I think that the guy was giving her a hint, although it is strange that he knew a psychologist's number off the top o his head

more like f his life for seeing a psych enough to have the number memorized..

YDI for deciding to call the number a cute guy had scribbled onto a napkin and given to you. You were greeted by, "Hello, this is Dr. Allen's office." Surprised, because you didn't remember his name being anything close to Allen, you asked who Dr. Allen was. She's a psychologist.

58 - stop... just stop

60 stop hating on the guy.. does a comment bothers u? just skip it, plus i bet he doesnt understand ur " foreign" languages, LOL

haha I love family guy nice :)

ydi for calling a doctor, no offense to ppl that like doctors

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60- hypocrite much? You told 58 to not worry about skroal's stupid comment, and you're worrying about 58's comment.

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skroal does that shit for the attention and doesnt relize tht everybody hates him for it

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hahah everybody loves legonut and hates skrol

How did he just happen to have the number of a psychologist?

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maybe it's his mom

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It's similar to memorizing the Rejection Hotline number....

legonut is amazing, but skroal just rewrites the FML. I don't need to reread it, but if it's confusing, legonut saves the day!

YDI for trusting a man and his napkin.

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maybe his mom is a psychologist, works at home, dude doesn't have a cell so he gives you his house #??? just sayin...might not be all that bad

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78 that's what I was thinking

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haha major burn

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35, it's funny because you tried to make a joke but it wasn't funny because you misspelled "you're"

He was obviously hinting that she needed some sort of help. it is weird how how he called out the doctors number so quick, and how OP mixed the pycs voice for a guy.

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74- That's the exact reason why he does it. Duhh. OP- YDI, for trying to call a person who obviously has serious problems if they memorized the number. :)

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that would be me you called! :D

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58 is lameeee

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hmm how'd he knw the number?

Geez, people, use your brains! -__- He didn't HAVE to know the number. It would take a smartphone and about 30 seconds to find and copy a shrink's phone number. That's easily done while OP is in the restroom or getting another drink, or easily passed off as texting in her presence. OP: If you asked for the number and missed his not-into-you vibes, YDI. If he approached you and gave it to you voluntarily, FYL. That's just cruel.

44 That's what I thought... someone's got some problems of his own.

124 Oh, I get it... cursed smartphones.

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you failed

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op ydi for leaving the kitchen

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wow :/

it's funny because you thought it was a guy but it was a girl.

Omg vocaloid!!!!!!!

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Ouch what a dick

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ikr!? OP, fyl but maybe tht guy has the same psychologist?

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please that OP was probably creeping the hell out of him, i would do that same, oh wait I HAVE!!!

YDI for being crazy.

He could have accidently wrote the wrong number, you insensitive prick. Don't say "YDI" for the dumbest reasons...



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yeahh I doubt that...

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Maybe he works there? Or.. you're crazy.

I'm using that!

Haha, that made me laugh(: but really, I'm sorry I feel bad for you..a little.

Ahah. That sucks. He could just have told you he wasn't interested !