By TRalalla - / Saturday 7 August 2010 17:10 / Canada
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it's funny because the guy at the resterant pulled a prank on you by giving you the number of a local doctors office because he never liked you! or he was really a girl!

  skroal  |  7

YDI for deciding to call the number a cute guy had scribbled onto a napkin and given to you. You were greeted by, "Hello, this is Dr. Allen's office." Surprised, because you didn't remember his name being anything close to Allen, you asked who Dr. Allen was. She's a psychologist.

  epr  |  0

He was obviously hinting that she needed some sort of help. it is weird how how he called out the doctors number so quick, and how OP mixed the pycs voice for a guy.

  spanelli  |  16

74- That's the exact reason why he does it. Duhh.

OP- YDI, for trying to call a person who obviously has serious problems if they memorized the number. :)


Geez, people, use your brains! -__- He didn't HAVE to know the number. It would take a smartphone and about 30 seconds to find and copy a shrink's phone number. That's easily done while OP is in the restroom or getting another drink, or easily passed off as texting in her presence.

OP: If you asked for the number and missed his not-into-you vibes, YDI. If he approached you and gave it to you voluntarily, FYL. That's just cruel.

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