By stickyface - 24/10/2010 05:18 - Canada

Today, I decided to be adventurous and give my boyfriend head in the downstairs tv room. Just as he was about to cum I heard someone walking towards the door. I took my mouth off to get up and lock the door just as he came. Didn't make it to the door but my dad saw something he will never forget. FML
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The downstairs tv room is so adventurous...

daddy's little girl lol


Oh snap busted.

More like he came and saw.

wow try a room next time with the door closed

Did someone say threesome? LOL jokes guys, don't be hating for the jokes.

BelleElle_fml 5

How is that "adventurous"?

jckbco 0

I think the adventuresome part is that she was doing this with people in the house.., dies she really need to explain the back story for you?

haha. ydi for doing it with a parent in the house. be more careful next time kiddo.

KingDingALing 9

Suck your dad off.

CiaranPM 0

He came, he saw, he "oh shitted."

bravesfan112233 0

"he came, he saw, he conquered" jay z

u should of had him cum then have him put a pillow over his dick and pretend that your chatting

aadk 0

Someone definitely busted... a nut haha

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Yea next time give him bottom. ;)

zem5 0

48 you can give me bottom anytime you want ;)

76 don't tell me that's your baby...

106. that baby is to good looking to be his

corytheboss 0

112 but she can be mine anytime ;)

daddy's little girl lol

ahahaha! i like thus!

busted for busting a nut.

JustJaredfied 0

lol good on

you've been a bad girl!!

Moo_Horse 0

nice pic

Wirebiter 0

Did your dad and boyfriend high-five?

bman134 0

I was thinking that too but I think her dad would be pissed and his dad would high five

67 Im not a gramer nazi but your gonna atract em. Me to. Jk. I love doin it on per piss.

e400853 0

lmao nice

Read the FML again. The door WAS locked. The father was probably coming in from outside.

hahahah suck a dick, oh wait u were doing that! hahahahahahHaha

Wow you're hilarious.... -_-

Oh, soooo funny... Way to attract girls...

WTF you on about whitebunny it said that she was about to get up and lock the door Just as he came but she was too late.

ohsuzykuew 0

10- try again. she stopped to get up and lock the door. middle of the night fml's. doh!