By SmileEveryday - 17/03/2009 20:44 - United States

Today, I decided to ask my friend to the school dance. It's one where the girls ask the guys. I spent hours placing signs down his street so he would see them on his way home. As I'm waiting in his driveway with balloons I see his car reverse and go the other direction. FML
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Why is it that any time a guy makes a girl feel bad the girl's only response is to say how his penis is small or how he's not a real man? Seriously people need to grow up. He spared her the embarassment of getting rejected.

Well maybe another girl already asked him and she waited to long planning this semi creepy plan when she should've just asked him in the first place.

You brought that upon yourself. Just ask him. Sheesh.

You also could've put the signs ON his car.

agreed with #6. that's what you get for being insane. just do the honorable thing and blow him in the school bathroom. then he'll say yes

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I want you to ******* die greenman

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#9 is correct. Especially considering this is someone you already consider a friend, makes it even creepier. #10 is also correct.

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I agree with number 9. Its a bit creepy hun. You could have saved yourself the effort and humiliation by just asking him....:)