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  Anaxes  |  5

Well, in theory, if everyone simply replied to #1, then we wouldn't have people moping about people replying to #1 and everyone would be in order.

  tygerarmy  |  35

Are there no outside of the house activities you like to do? Just go hang out in a park or mall. Or go on fb or your phone and start hitting people up to hang out.

  caligurls  |  0

#2 so true!!! haha:)
op, sorry but get a life. I used o have one before fb =O haha kind of. I still have an active awesome life!!:D #1 is right, get a life.

  AntonioDB  |  0

yea 84. this fml sucks! I said "how'd this get past the moderators" and they moderated my comment. I guess they can't take a little criticism. big babies!

  sexybitch92  |  0

I had a Facebook.. but I deleted it but damn it was hard to work on the computer, I could of only understood the app on no Droid or on Facebook mobile lol. anyways op don't feel bad, go get some friends and make yourself a great life.

  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

Dammit, Freyr and MightyWalrus, if you agree with me, you're taking all the fun out of trolling! Where the hell are all the FB myrmidons? They're supposed to be screaming in its defense by now! "ZOMG, I LUVZ ME SOME FARMVILLE!!"

By  lsantos  |  0

i feel your pain the Internet is addicting as heck. I mean look... like #1 said, "Instead you came on FML.". you just can't break free!

I don't do the Facebook thing because I see how addicting it is. I just don't have time for that. Only reason I go on FML is because iPhone keeps me entertained while in lines. on bus, etc.

At home I try to limit myself to email or military sites like or (I'm a medic in the Navy).

As soon as I deviate from that and go to say,, I'm in for hours of otherwise wasted time.

Find something that works for you. As far as communicating goes... how about a phone call to your REAL friends instead of Facebook updates?

  Hi_Itz_Me  |  0

Facebook really isn't that addicting, at least not to me. I spend around 5-10 minutes a day checking mine on my iPod and that's about it. Unless something interesting happens, there's not really much to do. The games aren't that great. Especially Farmville, which everyone seems to like for some reason.