By Hair Fail - 22/10/2011 15:32 - United States

Today, I decided I wanted to dye my hair a medium brown. Little did I know, some jerk switched the hair dye boxes. My hair is now bright orange. FML
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hannahcorrine 0

Orange you glad it wasn't purple though?

At least you're ready for halloween! That's the spirit! >:)


hannahcorrine 0

Orange you glad it wasn't purple though?

Orange you going to get him back?

U kidding me?! Hayley Williams is fucking sexy!

Natty23 0

Purple is Better than orange! Ima guy teen and it would be awesome for me to have light dark purple!

hellbilly205 17

Wouldnt orange hair dye atleast look a bit diffrent then medium brown?

fthislyfe 22

What's wrong with bright orange? Really... I dyed my hair bright orange and I think it looks good.

I know plenty of people in Minnesota who'd be unhappy if their hair WASN'T purple.

FYLDeep 25

I'd be embarrassed to be from Minnesota at this point. I wouldn't blame you if you jumped ship and came over here to Green Bay.

Big bada-BOOM

Be aware, ginger-bitis is a fast growing, fast spreading disease. All you need now is a can of spray-on freckles and you'll be good to go!

The_Troller 14

Some girls look good with it, some don't. And the dye that OP used was probably closer to fluorescent orange, not a natural/normal color like yours.

There's a guy in my school with super fluorescent orange hair, It's natural. and I'm afraid I caught the disease from my dad.

JinxosGirl87 0

I bleached my hair once and it turned pumpkin orange. I liked it, so I sported it for a while :)

koolkat27 13

73- wisconsin sucks. land of the fatties.

rawrr61 4

I bet very few people get this reference. But I adore that movie, myself.

jake1632 9

well, at least your set for halloween.

118 do you go to school with ichigo

crazysmurfette 6

Hey. Hayley Williams is gorgeous :) and the same thing happened to me. I wanted blonde. I came out with blue.

Haha now you look like a cheese puff

Bwahaha!!! I feel better now. And I love #1!!

eog314 0

1 - i like you.. OP - but in all seriousness I appoligize for switching the boxes.

hannahcorrine 0

Aw, thank you!

38- Light dark purple? How is that possible.... Wouldn't that just be normal purple?

minecraft_fml 4

But bright orange has flair!

Dying it back really isn't any harder than the the first time you know.

It's not harder but it's still an extra trip to the store and the added expense of buying another box of dye. I'm not sure if over dying would damage the OP's hair. (:

your parents could use your head as a pumpkin for halloween decoration.

yougotapes 7

^^ ha Op fyl... That sucks... And u have to wait a while to dye ur head again.. Or you'll end up damaging hard core..

If the product wasn't as advertised they shouldn't have to pay again. No responsible store would make her.

Doesn't spraying windex in your hair take it off?

Mipz 2

123- where did you here that? Cuz no. Unless you're thinking about the super-temporary kind.

You cant dye Brown over fluerescent orange. Ive tried.

I don't really know much about dying hair. So correct me if I'm wrong. But wouldn't the color of the dye be orange, and not the light brown you expected it to be

Yeah. Wouldn't you have to first bleach your hair out and then tone/dye it? This is why I get my hair dyed at salon... Its not that even expensive and there's only a minimal chance of screwed up hair. Only paid 70 for my highlights. Turned out flawlessly, not orange. O.o

X3liteXHunterX 12

Only $70? A box of hair dye at the store is way cheaper than that I'm sure.

zowieandzander77 1

70 dollars is cheap for good highlights

I went to Walmart and bought a five or ten dollar box for highlights and they turned out great. Seventy is a whole lot....

At least you're ready for halloween! That's the spirit! >:)

You could go as Leeloo from The Fifth Element! OK, so it's not the traditional SCARY Hallow'een costume...

Gets some black highlights...I'm seeing it

Lucky!Now u could go as Ichigo or as Orihime depending on your gender :)

Hopefully it gets better , good luck! I'd be so mad .

skyguy89 0

I don't know about that, I think it would look really hot to be honest

HAHA! I'm glad I'm not your a Ginger and u don't have a soul! o.O

But I'm petty sure you're still an asshole.

Wow dude take a joke... just messing a lil!

sexybaybay 0

iam a Ginger....

GINGERS HAVE SOULS! I go to church im a Christian! You don't know me. Your not god! Ohohh... ohhohhhohh!!

Y'all I don't mean it literally! It was a video I saw one time and I thought it was funny! I think gingers are gorgeous! I was just messing around!

People take things too seriously >.>

perdix 29

#41 Wouldn't a Christian with a soul spell God with a capital G? Maybe you're storing a little extra bacon where your soul would have been.

Haha I was just quoting coppercab I'm not acually a full on Christian.

Doesn't anyone realize it says, 'bright orange'? Maybe it's a total unnatural orange and not even close to the real 'ginger' color. FYL OP, someone who was dying their hair brown probably wouldn't look the best with bright orange hair, but that depends.

Victoire_W 0

Ginger hate you

hey so is my bff!!! :) And I had my hair dyed ginger-red for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nancyIshere4U 0

Wtf ur soo mean!

This comment made me laugh, baha.

p8ntcheck 4

Your a Ginger too?

There's your first problem

Lay off her people!!! She was joking!!!!

Nope, just Chuck Testa.

not everyone knows your messing around. you never know who is going to get offened by that. its better to not say it.

Pray that tommorrow isn't kick a ginger day.

I don't think it is.

natashax21 5

Every day is kick a ginger day, didnt you hear?

ikickgingers 15


heyimallison 0

get like a matching costume. and it's temporary.. right?

If it were temporary, I don't think OP would be worried too much. I'm assuming it's a permanent dye...

Hey like I'm Allison and like I like to say like a lot. Sweetie "like" doesn't translate well to text.

150- she said it once "sweetie"

Ikickmidgets 11

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swimming26 1

That's one way to be a douche. Sorry OP.

Just say you got really into dressing up as a ginger for Halloween!