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  Enslaved  |  36

It's not harder but it's still an extra trip to the store and the added expense of buying another box of dye. I'm not sure if over dying would damage the OP's hair. (:

  MagicallyFat  |  12

I don't really know much about dying hair. So correct me if I'm wrong. But wouldn't the color of the dye be orange, and not the light brown you expected it to be


Yeah. Wouldn't you have to first bleach your hair out and then tone/dye it?

This is why I get my hair dyed at salon... Its not that even expensive and there's only a minimal chance of screwed up hair. Only paid 70 for my highlights. Turned out flawlessly, not orange. O.o

  perdix  |  29

#41 Wouldn't a Christian with a soul spell God with a capital G?

Maybe you're storing a little extra bacon where your soul would have been.

  DeviousAngel  |  13

Doesn't anyone realize it says, 'bright orange'? Maybe it's a total unnatural orange and not even close to the real 'ginger' color.

FYL OP, someone who was dying their hair brown probably wouldn't look the best with bright orange hair, but that depends.