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Today, I'd just finished cleaning the bathrooms at work when I saw a young boy go in. Of course, I thought nothing of it until I had to use the bathroom myself ten minutes later. The kid had taken a shit and missed the toilet completely. FML
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I miss 84% of the time because I'm cross-eyed.


Well that's shit...

he's a little kid give him a break

thats what we call the classic champ!

that sounds like quite a shitty situation.

I feel like if a kid is old enough to use the bathroom alone then he's definitely old enough to not shit everywhere.

agreed. then rape his pet cat.

Oh, stop with the thumbs down... They're just a few shitty puns...

Cue the shitty jokes?

#66 youre wayyyyy too late bro

Jammy01jams 2

36 - you would think so. But after goin in to take a piss after my friend and stepping in yellowish water. I now think differently. We're effing 16. And that's not the only childish thing he does, can't make himself food without completely destroying the cleanliness of the kitchen. It's like having another little brother but this one is retarded and my age... sigh.

haa!!! your funny!

your face godammit! :D

aw you beat me to it! ^

25 great come back bro!!

find him and make him clean it up with his hands, that will teach him!

Fricking kids these days have no respect for anyone.

that's a shitty situation. :/

yeah. no shit. thank you captain obvious. /:

that was a shitty comment 7

I miss 84% of the time because I'm cross-eyed.

Then howd u write this

i'm sure it was a joke

how can you miss while sitting, I guess he shits while stand?

OMG I litterally LOL'd

OMG, did you, like, literally LOL? Like, literally? OMG, me too sister!

Did you yell out" SHIT!!!"?

Oh my gosh...these puns.. -___-

That's just nasty. Lol

These shitty puns are dumb as shit, goddamn shit!

Quit that shit already!! : P

seriously guys, knock that shit off.

Oh my gosh...these puns.. -___-