By fattysonparade - 21/07/2010 01:57 - United Kingdom

Today, I cycled past a group of middle school kids. They decided that they should all start shouting "FAT ALERT" while ringing the bells on their bikes. FML
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We have Middle Schools in the UK? Ok, well, I'll go with that. But what ages are kids at Middle School? Back on topic - too many kids in this country are cocky little sods, just ignore them. You are at least doing exercise, so you don't worry about what they think. You don't even know them.

At least you were cycling and trying to lose weight :( respect for that :)


aww middle school kids are so mean

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respect for trying to lose wieght :)

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I bet you went to mcdonalds afterwards.

atleast you will lose weight and with childhood obesity soon your'll cycle past goin fat alert to them

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it would be worse if you were a grown woman ^.^

atleast your'll lose weight and with child hood obesity at it's heighest you'll soon cycle past them goin fat alert

yer 25 but you teach them a lesson :)

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hahahahahaha awesome point #12

well kids are mean. but they say what they think. maybe if you lost some weight it'd give you more confidence so you didnt have to post on fml. but good job for getting out and exercising :)

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maybe if you stopped eating unhealthy and in big portions then you wouldn't have that problem. Eat health and exercise.

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lmao I bet you went away faster haha!

Lol OP, they are just jealous because you were faster than them.

lose weight then fat fuck

ydi for being fat

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I agree #25!!!

Grow a pair. Show up with a bat next time and bash in some skulls! And don't forget to go after their knees, you'll know when you hit them right when a huge pop sound happens. You're welcome fatty.

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haha yupp

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ydi for listening to homos with bike bells

lol who has bells on their bikes??

ahahahahaha thts sooo funny! u need to loose some wait there.

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ydi for eating twinkles and watching gay shit like twilight ppl watch in the uk... bunch of gay pussies overthere...USA!!!

I guess those middle schoolers aren't so cool if they have bells on their bikes lol.

45 - kids can be mean because they say what they think without actually having the knowledge to warrant having opinions.

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yep, we middle schoolers will do that.

22-your'll?? what??

133 - Your'll. Combining the words 'your' and 'will' to make 'your will.' Whoever wrote that, epic fail.

That's mean but if you're fat then maybe you should lose some weight...

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what loser. who uses bells on their bikes in middle school?

I have a bell on my bike and I'm in college it's awesome

your probably not fat OP ..... fat people tend to roll but you were on your bike.

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YDI for bein fat & riding a bike

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hahaha ydi

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LMFAO!!!! dude I laughed out loud at that comment

dont worry their gay they had bells on their bikes

oh i love that show where bill cosby is the voice of all the cartoon characters.

174- yea ok true. but kids in middle school do understand that calling someone fat is rude. just because they have an opinion does not mean they intentionally need to hurt someone

Ha Ha you used the wrong spelling

it's their own fault for being fat. I'm not saying that I don't have any fat friends and that they are not nice but being fat is just kindda wrong you know. like people should not be fat because it really sucks for them and other people, especialy those who stand behind them in lines because they usualy stink. so it's kind of a ydi

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that's mean. fat people are beautiful too

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chubby chaser

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I agree with 28...and it's not always the persons fault for being overweight sometimes it's pure genetics so ppl that say meanies:(

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ya could be genes

Thank you 28. Spot on. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't let ignorant people break your spirit.

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btw I'm not fat. I wear a size 0 but I still think everyone can be pretty

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I didn't call u fat

eating is not a medical condition. genes my ass.

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obesity is

Lol i eat a shit load. But im skinny as.

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someone who prefers the bigger girls :}

eat and diet properly and your metabolism can be fooled into burning carbs faster. I'm guessing around and at least 99% of fatasses can change. but they would rather eat shit and blame it on a medical problem that doesn't exist. get off your fat ass and do something about it. if anything comments like this fml should motivate you to do something.


Well some people are overweight due to health problems. My father used to be the buffest (not sure if that's a word >.>) guy I knew, untill his kidneys failed. Now he's all flab, and people call him fat and lazy for not being as skinny he use to be. His condition doesn't allow him to workout much so he stays that way. My family eats very healthy foods too and almost NEVER eats fast food. We don't know if OP has a condition or not so we can't jump to conclusions about it.

89: Too bad for you that 99% of ignorant assholes can't change, huh?

lol size 0 but your right fat people are just people and expecting she's in high school it's likely not there eating

btw Nathan ur a Jackass

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agree with 104 89 can getthefuckout, lol someone is a dummy...guess you don't know much about science go back to the 10th grade they teach genetics there.

Nice lighting bolt LOoollolLOLLLOOLl ;(

I love how people say "don't make fun of fat people! That's so mean! Btw I'm not fat...". It just defeats the whole purpose of what you're trying to say.

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Even if your weight is a result of genetics that does not mean you have to be over weight. It's no excuse, while it may be harder for you to stay a proper weight it does not make it impossible or even difficult. Also, real medical conditions like thyroid disease account for less than 5% of all overweight people so stop using that as an excuse as well. -- BTW my name is a joke, I took it from Bam Margera, so don't call me out hah

At least he's exercising! He's getting mocked for doing more than the other fat people sitting on the couch.

damn that sucks.

O noes...your life is over

what nerds for having bells on their bikes and ringing them like faggots

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what middle schoolers have bells on their bikes????

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no really they must be dorks

chase them down and kick some ass

Rule #2: double tap.

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zombie land ftw!!!

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just watched zombieland. awesome and funny

Good reference there, Mercy. :)

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Lose weight.

YDI for being fat. YDI for riding a bicycle. YDI for trying to make a positive change in your life (keep it up, though!). YDI for having kids in your neighborhood. YDI for not knocking them off their bikes and then crushing them with your ass.

Gotta say the last of these is my favorite.

lol yup that changed my mind ydi fat ass

damn kids are cruel! sorry OP and 16 that's messed up.