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By  Cinn_fml  |  22

We have Middle Schools in the UK? Ok, well, I'll go with that. But what ages are kids at Middle School?

Back on topic - too many kids in this country are cocky little sods, just ignore them. You are at least doing exercise, so you don't worry about what they think. You don't even know them.

  misshappy_fml  |  0

well kids are mean. but they say what they think. maybe if you lost some weight it'd give you more confidence so you didnt have to post on fml. but good job for getting out and exercising :)

  HandOfClod  |  0

Grow a pair.

Show up with a bat next time and bash in some skulls!

And don't forget to go after their knees, you'll know when you hit them right when a huge pop sound happens.

You're welcome fatty.

  misshappy_fml  |  0

174- yea ok true. but kids in middle school do understand that calling someone fat is rude. just because they have an opinion does not mean they intentionally need to hurt someone

  thegreenguy  |  0

it's their own fault for being fat. I'm not saying that I don't have any fat friends and that they are not nice but being fat is just kindda wrong you know. like people should not be fat because it really sucks for them and other people, especialy those who stand behind them in lines because they usualy stink. so it's kind of a ydi

  NathanKett  |  0

eat and diet properly and your metabolism can be fooled into burning carbs faster.

I'm guessing around and at least 99% of fatasses can change. but they would rather eat shit and blame it on a medical problem that doesn't exist.

get off your fat ass and do something about it. if anything comments like this fml should motivate you to do something.

  xACIDDx  |  0

Well some people are overweight due to health problems. My father used to be the buffest (not sure if that's a word >.>) guy I knew, untill his kidneys failed. Now he's all flab, and people call him fat and lazy for not being as skinny he use to be. His condition doesn't allow him to workout much so he stays that way. My family eats very healthy foods too and almost NEVER eats fast food. We don't know if OP has a condition or not so we can't jump to conclusions about it.

  nidawi  |  0

I love how people say "don't make fun of fat people! That's so mean! Btw I'm not fat...". It just defeats the whole purpose of what you're trying to say.

  aFatFuck  |  0

Even if your weight is a result of genetics that does not mean you have to be over weight. It's no excuse, while it may be harder for you to stay a proper weight it does not make it impossible or even difficult. Also, real medical conditions like thyroid disease account for less than 5% of all overweight people so stop using that as an excuse as well. -- BTW my name is a joke, I took it from Bam Margera, so don't call me out hah

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for being fat.

YDI for riding a bicycle.

YDI for trying to make a positive change in your life (keep it up, though!).

YDI for having kids in your neighborhood.

YDI for not knocking them off their bikes and then crushing them with your ass.