By cbad - 30/01/2012 15:27 - United States

Today, I cut my finger with a plastic knife while demonstrating that you can't cut yourself with a plastic knife. FML
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Better not do infomercials.

Ins_Knie 2

For every foolproof invention a bigger fool emerges and proves it wrong...


Better not do infomercials.

Was anyone else's first thought after reading this "wow"?

Good. You passed the test. No go demonstrate with a steak knife.

Damn_Hippster 11

Looks like you were wrong OP.

29- Interesting how you mentioned "steak knife," and have a pic of a steak. Has the meaning of your username and pic been fulfilled after writing this comment?

oXali 0

That is literally the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

farnsworth 3

No this is the stupidest thing u ever heard "gabop a tude a GOP a pop!"

SmallBean 12

No, this is the most stupid thing you have ever heard... Obama is the greatest president of all time.

Did anyone else think about the Sham Wow guy..."Are you following me camera guy?" lol

Who are you? Bill Cosby?

#29 - Your profile picture looks tasty. (Cue him now changing the profile pic to something other than something that looks tasty)

108- when did they put you in charge of deciding profile pics?

kaylamahoney90 12

Sounds like something my sister would do. Thank you for letting us know.

C'mon 29 use a chainsaw like a real man

OP 3 words, That takes skills.

MichellinMan 20

wise words sir

I think I have you beet I cut myself with a plastic knife and then a plastic fork.

Says the guy with a steak for is DP.

lvl19virgin 0

Look at that horse!

Good news everyone!

Ins_Knie 2

For every foolproof invention a bigger fool emerges and proves it wrong...

Who would need a demonstration for that?

Someone who thinks that a plastic knife can cut them?

IAdminIFlow 0

Haha :p well at least now you wont confuse anymore people with that OP

SupahAsian 4

So has someone proved that we CAN believe it's butter?

It must have been a good quality knife. Not those cheap dollar store ones... The ones that cost a dollar fifty.

I call this an Epic Fail but it is sorta funny, but sorry you got hurt

Who would you be demonstrating that to...? Just curious.

The mental asylum faculty.

People seeing if she's stupid enough to accidentally cut herself whilst trying to prove her wrong.

Maybe.....Chuck Norris...?

littletinyME 5

Her emo little brother.

XTheDesertSongX 17

No. Chuck Norris isn't the answer to every fucking question and it's not fucking funny. It's very, very stupid. I'm sorry you were lead to believe otherwise be the rest of your mongoloid friends on the internet.

OhHushDear- you're very curious today

I'm curious every day =P

Lol do I look like a cat? No! I'm a rhinocerous, obviously ;)

tweetbaby14 18

162, calm your tits it's just a comment..... Don't make me call Chuck Norris.

Dude that shit is dangerous! More and more people are signing up for plastic knife defense classes, I suppose OP was just an instructor on how to safely operate such a weapon

KatieKayy15 0

I love chuck norris...

Lmao. Im gonna use calm your tits from now on

Well i guess you can change your argument to 'you can indeed cut yourself with a plastic knife.'

Until someone asks you to prove it

tripleshame 3

Don't inmates make shanks out of them in prison?

ninjuh_wingman 29

To cut yourself with a plastic knife, you'd have to be cutting pretty hard unless its like a paper cut.

Why would it be like a paper cut? Paper is smooth and very thin, and plastic knives are thick and have jagged edges. They wouldn't cut similarly at all =P

DontModMeDammit 10

Stakes of what?

Stakes? Like to hold a tent down? Lol what! Why are you cutting those? =P

DontModMeDammit 10


The_Troller 14

12- *They're *Through Also, you said "stakes", not "steaks"

flockz 19

no you're just a dumbass.

LOL you don't have to major in English to know how to spell steaks. It's not a secret they hide from you until you get to college xD

Not cool, bro. We weren't insulting. We were teasing. You however, had to ruin it and be offensive. This is why I am losing faith in this thing many people don't seem to remember the meaning of: courtesy.

flockz 19

and what does being on your phone have anything to do with your pathetic attempt of spelling correctly? i'm on my phone as well. does that give me the ability to misspell 2nd grade words too?

^You're 34...LOL :)

Tell what to your boyfriend? I'm confused.

Blackmisory - for fuck's sake, just give up. Your "learning disorder" is that you're a stubborn idiot who can't learn from his mistakes. That's miSTAKES.

WHAT. I believe you used the... c-word. None of us did! Goodness. I really don't like that word, it is SO offensive.

No, we're only jerks to people who make numerous mistakes and then defend their mistakes using stupid, trite excuses (we've all seen the learning disorder, autocorrect, "my sister used my iPod", "it's not English class", etc).

Blackmisory, please just give up. You lost and are far beyond redeeming yourself. Give up.

The_Troller 14

57- *missingthepoint*

flockz 19

then the only viable excuse for "stakes" was your stupidity and not your phone? the story thickens....

aantho_fml 0

I don't come to FML for the FML's, I come for the arguments in the comments section. Those are more funny anyway.

The_Troller 14

62- Yet another excuse.

The_Troller 14

Why thank you, kind sir.

I believe that everyone makes mistakes and that if you understand the gist of what they're saying, there's not really a point to calling them out on that. After all, this is the internet and you can't really expect the majority of people on here to actually care about how they write.

Dear Blackmisory, Fuck off and stop being a douche. You're digging your own grave my commenting, so just stop. Sincerely, everyone reading your dumbass comments.

bitchslapped22 14

Please explain to me how you get a paper cut from a plastic knife.

supposed to mean the size of a papercut

The_Troller 14

87- Aliens.

I did the same thing, but I used a plastic spoon.

I used a plastic plastic. It cut so deep!

CaptainPickles72 18

I've been stabbed in the hand with a plastic fork before. I was surprised about how deep it went. The amazement of that distracted me from the pain.... Never under-estimate plastic!

Yeah my toy army man shot me...

This FML sounds like the one where the wife demonstrated to her husband that you can't cut yourself with a plastic knife. Is it just me?

Good effort there....

hannahnicole44 0

Sounds like something that would happen to me . But I def agree that does suck !!! :/

Lol Same happened to me with a spork... Man those things are dangerous! O.o