By Davios - 27/12/2009 20:48 - United States

Today, I crossed a one-way street after looking for oncoming traffic only to be hit by a car driving in reverse. FML
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lol owned!!

FYL, but that's funny! As long as you're ok...


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lol owned!!

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Always look both ways!

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I hope you didn't put a dent in that car.

Call Larry H Parker!

dannnnnng thats messed up

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YDI for leaving the kitchen. (If you are a woman, that is).

the OP wasn't necessarily the women driver, (s)he was the victim

"It is a stereotype that women can't drive. However it's a fact they can't parallel park." -Tosh.0 From personal experience, a yard sale does not qualify as an excuse to drift over to the next lane while trying to check it out.

FYL, but that's funny! As long as you're ok...

of all the bad luck...

wait, assuming the car was parked facing the right way for the one way, either you were standing really close to it, or he reversed waaay too much. oh, and it's not really your fault... he/she in the car should really have checked their rear view mirror.

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good analysis well done

PWNED! Sue them for everything their worth!

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#9 (stupid reply thing not putting my comments in the right places) Might not have been parked. Maybe they mean to turn into a parking lot or another road and missed the turn, then reversed to get back to it. I've seen people do that.