By Anonymous - 05/02/2011 17:22 - Canada

Today, I cried harder than I have in years. I was babysitting, and watching Pokémon to pass the time. It was the episode where Ash, Dawn, and Brock on the show went their separate ways, and may never be together again. FML
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Karnezar 2

Pokemon sucks after Misty leaves, Ash's voice changes and he changes the hat he never said he would. .

Aw don't worry, I cried on the episode when ash tried to leave Pikachu in the forest with all the other pikachus. Then I was like, wait that seems kind of douchy of ash to do.


karlag2689 3

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hey. pokemon is awesome!

KVKdragon 26

don't diss a show that has had successful seasons and video games for more than a decade >:( it's definitely a true classic that lives on to this day

zkchild 0

Pokemon sucks.

39 Pokemon sucks... and yet your picture is a Pokemon?

Hide_Yo_Kids 0

44 ever heard of irony?

But... you're a Gengar...

this fml is why little kids should'nt be here... YDI, your life sucks really bad if you cry while watching pokémon.

says the guy with the gengar display picture... o...o super fail

There is nothing wrong with crying while watching pokemon... I cried on the first movie.... But I was like 11 though bwahahaha.

derpherp 0

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ He is trolling, sirs, and the little girl with dirty Sanchez.

#61, was that the movie where Ash got turned into stone by this pokemon? o_O B/c if it is, then I cried, too. I was around... 6 when that movie came out, I think. I bawled my eyes out.. :(

LadyMadness 11

I cried too... but I'm 16 =_=

Jesus Christ people

new pokemon sucks. after 200 pkmn it was just too much.

lol dont worry brock always finds a way into the cartoon

be happy and grateful that havn't ever had a reason to cry that hard before.

39 made me lol irl pretty good xD

Tch, the only pokemon anime i could watch is the first series, but the anime sucks in general. The games are pure awesome and win and the pokemon adventures manga is amazing.

spoke1396 4

theirs a new season Saturday retard

Froz3narr0w 0

I smell some fanboy in here.

ifyouseekamy666 0

pokémon was amazing when it was the original 150.. now it's just retarded there's like a pokémon that's like the three stages of ice cream like WTF -.- the original pokémon was amazing tho that snd sailor moon was like my entire childhood haha

taurusxdee 10

lmfao! jaykay cuz my icon is Haunter!

brennan677 0

is it wrong if i laughed everytime i saw ash get turned to stone on the first movie?

I'm 16 and hate pokemon. loved the oldns when I was a kid. but believe it or not, I still sometimes play pokemon silver version in gameboy advance. that was the only good game, well and emerald version lol

zkchild 0

Did everyone really get offended when i said Pokemon sucks? It was a joke, i mean i have Gengar as my pic that alone should say something.

dumb ass they're parting cause they're gonna start a new season for black and white, ash always leaves his friends at the end of a season, it happens in almost every anime...

luke1998 0

i use to love that show

Better than YuGiOh, ehh? :p

My snorlax will sit on you.

XxNinjaDaytonaxX 0

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You are forgetting the face that most of this generation grew up with pokemon. It's like with disney movies, they still can effect us. Pokemon may have gotten crappy but it's still the show we grew to love.

ninjabytes 0

no, the fail in this would be that after every season they part ways

Karnezar 2

Pokemon sucks after Misty leaves, Ash's voice changes and he changes the hat he never said he would. .

Wow that's so true, plus the longer the series went on the gayer it got.

TripleJumpMan 0

that's how it is with every old good show.. /:

The_Moustache 6

At least Brock still puts on the smooth moves!

Sometime during the Advance series, 4Kids' agreement with Pokemon USA expired. Pokemon USA then changed the voice actors to save money, which many fans were upset about.

dudeitsdanny 9

63- No.. No he doesn't T^T But I cried at the episode when Misty left even a few months ago T^T Fuck Dawn and May: MISTY4LYF. But really, that episode was fucking sad. I cries at 13 and I cried at almost 20. The show just wasn't the same without my favorite ginger D= I had a crush on her as a kid, hahaha. My girlfriend mocks me about it.. Cause she's awesome and a pokenerd, too =D

ifyouseekamy666 0

MISTY LEFT?!?! omg I didn't watch it that far but holy crap Now I'm gonna cry!!! she was always my favourite cuz I could relate to the Ginger-ness haha

See i could understand if it was the first series, because it was probably something watched as a child, so it brought back memories ect ect, but i don't know this new "Dawn" person so im guessing it's not something OP first saw as a child, so it's a bit sad...

Takador 3

#169 lol i liked misty bcuz of her Togepi, her Psyduck and her agresiveness to Ash

ifyouseekamy666 0

I can't believe she left that makes me so sad she was like the best character! (well other than Brock lol) does anyone kno if ash was voiced over by a girl in the old ones? cuz I think he sounded a little like black*star from soul eater..

When togepi waved it's hands you knew shit was about to go down!

karen1991 15

Me and all my sisters were crying during that. :( it just wasn't cool.

Aw don't worry, I cried on the episode when ash tried to leave Pikachu in the forest with all the other pikachus. Then I was like, wait that seems kind of douchy of ash to do.

I did the same thing.

AFireInsideFlame 0

i used to have a thing for ash lol. but i agree, it was a douchy move on his part.

LilCheeno 15

Dam I saw that one and cried too but that was back when I was like 5.

same here :( except I was 6. lol

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

lol I did too I was like 7 and I also cried when ask turned into stone I was like nooooooo don't die D: :(

I also cried but I was 7 :P

yea I cried on alot of pokemon eps specially when he tries to leave pikachu and when misty leaves

i cried too

TheDrop 0

you and OP are try hard faggots

I like pokemon & all but every season another girl comes in and Ash never gets laid, like WTF?

xninix_fml 36

@181 its because its a show meant for kids.

omg i saw same episode didnt cry tho :/ @kaz ofc his voice changes PUBERTY!!!

His puberty went the opposite direction then, cuz fuck, his voice shot up like someone crushed his nuts with a steamroller.

actually his voice gets lower but he is still 10 yrs old through every season

FYL, thats a sad episode

Sylverstone 2

Sad episode, then again the later PKMN seasons could never compared to the first 2 (and the first 3 movies).

bfad2010 0

couldn't agree more

Whorebiscuits 4

I think you left out the part where you were high as fuck. ydi

zkchild 0

hahaha win

mintcar 9

Wow, it's okay to like stupid cartoon characters but to actually cry? Shedding tears over Pokemon is pretty stupid. You do realize that the characters are not real? You do realize that correct?

The same could be said about a very sad part written in a book, darling. The characters aren't real. Does that mean you're not allowed to cry for them either?

lol pokemon profile pic

Oh, come on now! Even Trudly-darling doesn't have that short of an attention span!!

why are you wasting oxygen?

it's there to waste bro

Don't be an idiot. No one cares if you're badass enough to not shed a few tears at a cartoon or not. Regardless of whether or not the characters are real, it's still emotional. It's just like saying, "Oh, no movies should be cried over because no characters are real." No. GTFO. I cried my eyes out at Toy Story 3. Just saying.