By bonesniffer - 16/09/2010 05:13 - United States

Today, I crawled into bed naked, wanting to get some and hoping to surprise my boyfriend who's always complaining that I don't sleep naked. When he finally got into bed he rolled over, touched my bare ass and said 'oh' then rolled back over and went to sleep. FML
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I feel sorry for your boyfriend if you expect him to do all the work. Ummm you need to do more then just show up naked!

sourgirl101 28

WTF So he's cheating because he didn't have sex with you one time? What have you been smoking in that blunt?


haha sucks for u op. it seems like a lot of fmls r about guys cheating. guys need to stop being such ass holes to girls

sourgirl101 28

WTF So he's cheating because he didn't have sex with you one time? What have you been smoking in that blunt?

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aww it's not that bad. next time remember, closed mouths don't get fed. have fun with this one!

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And alot are about gf's cheating too...

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You got that right! I've never cheated and 3 out of the 7 I've had did. ...and I know my way around a ****** ;P So it's not because I don't satisfy, that is my first priority!

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43- tmi? 0.o this isn't cheating. he's just tired. xD guys r weird I know suck it up OP and go to bed hehe

lol when girls don't get any it's called a FML, when guys don't it's called monday or Tuesday or wednesday...etc.

I think that #1 meant to post this comment on the previous FML, which is about cheating.

#81 that's probably true, and it's funny cause it spawned a whole cheating debate. oh theeee irony.

why is it that when a guy doesn't get sex, he gets made fun of, and when girls don't get sex, they post on fml?

RedInThaHead 0

lol hahaha I love bein a girl that's true though

So damn true. But women aren't fair so in turn many if the guys are dicks. Some of you deserve it.

Maybe he wasn't in the mood. She said when he "finally" got in bed so he could have had a long day and not want sex. It doesn't have to be cheating all the time.

Graawr 7

Maybe yours is too fatty or its not firm enough. OwO

hey u look exactly like my cousin... what's ur name???

Graawr 7

Clau :O Is your cousin asian too?

Uhm, no, why would he be complaining that she never sleeps naked if she isn't nice to look at, or if he doesn't really like the way she looks naked??

Wow creeper alert. Not that hard to spot that one out.

Graawr 7

I didn't really know what to say and I don't mind saying my name. :<

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Grawwr u are cute and there's notin wrong with telling us your name. In fact, why don't you throw your age, address, phone and social security numbers in there as well?

#26 I don't care, call me a creeper, but you are hot

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gotta agree sorta creeperish anyway 26, you're hot lol

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97 - Are you a girl or are you Shane Dawson?

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she is pretty cute and is obviously nice enough to be open to say her name. let her even though due may be a creeper it's okay too.

sourgirl101 28

I feel sorry for your boyfriend if you expect him to do all the work. Ummm you need to do more then just show up naked!

Sun_Kissed18 25

Yeah you need to excite him in some way. Nakeness isn't the only thing he needs. Or he could have just not been in the mood

RedPillSucks 31

Thank you... Not every guy is always in the mood to hump anything with a pulse and a hole. You could have done something to put him in the mood or simply wait until next time.

NTM that he might actually have wanted to jump on her right away, but didn't. If he didn't know she was in the mood (SDI), maybe he thought that doing so might deter her from sleeping naked again.

Yeah, guys sometimes need more than "Hi, I'm naked" to know that women are in the mood.

joa76 3

I would expect that if someone who doesn't normally sleep naked decides to, they probably want sex. Why else would she be naked? And even without making that assumption, he could've ASKED, instead of just going to sleep. It's pretty clear that he didn't want sex, whether he realized she did or not. Unfortunately, in our society, we're supposed to believe that guys ALWAYS want sex, whereas girls need convinced, so when a girl wants sex and her boyfriend/fiance/husband doesn't, it tends to be more of a blow to herself esteem than the other way around.

#67 What you said about society expecting guys to always want sex vs. society expecting women to need convincing is so true. I hate that stereotyped notion. Sex drive isn't always measured by gender, and I feel like most women want it just as much as guys do. Conversely, some guys aren't always constantly in the mood. It depends on the person, not the gender of the person.

I have actually noticed that women tend to have more of a sex drive than men when it comes down to actually getting it on. Men will talk about it all day long but when it's time to go home and do the deed, it's not happening. (This is probably not true for teenage relationships. Girls are afraid/aloof and boys just want to fck everything. It takes awhile for the female sex drive to kick in, plus as you and your potential partners age you both discover what you like, as opposed to your 16 year old BF giving it 3 strokes to done.) As a woman, it is really a blow to the self-esteem when you want it and your BF doesn't. Logically I can think of good reasons, but emotionally (damn it I want sex) it hurts. I didn't know this in my first serious relationship, and his lack of a sex drive and my overdrive and not understanding (and his lack of compassion or effort) tore us apart. It also doesn't help that a lot of people say, perhaps misinformed or jokingly, that if your boyfriend isn't interested in sex then he's cheating on you. Not always true, ladies, so don't freak out.

bonesniffer 0

Nice to see there are people with actual brains on FML. My sex drive isn't lacking. I'm 27 and know what I want, and when I want it, I get it. On the other-hand, being the one who initiates intimacy 95% of the time, it's nice to just sit back and let my boyfriend take control of the situation. I don't sleep in the buff often, because it's just not something I do. Every time that I've surprised him like that, FOR HIM, it's resulted in some playtime. And for all the children saying it's because I'm a fatty - Grow up. Maybe one day you'll realize that amazing bodies don't produce orgasms :] And your sex life is 100000x better when you're not so obsessed with how the other person looks.

I agree that it's a misconception that guys always want sex. My bf is more likely to decline than me. I pretty much assume that we are going to have sex at night, and again in the morning, but most of the time I cuddle up to him (naked) and wait for him to initiate so he doesn't feel like I'm pressuring him lol.

The cottage cheese probably turned him off.

well if u ever feel the need to sleep naked in my bed feel free ;p cuz ul defo " get some" lol

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Oh man you must be doing something wrong. I don't know any man that would turn down a naked woman in bed...

sharmen 0

I know a lot. They're called homosexuals.

perdix 29

Also, tired ones. Most guys will choose ******* over sleep, but there are those rare times when you just need to ******* sleep!

manonwater 0

should have worked him into the mood! try a little harder next time!!! men can't read minds...

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Yeah. My GF tells me she's tired and just wants to cuddle. If I say ok and snuggle up with her she gets upset. I never really mean ok. Just means "Yeah, right. I gonna get some".