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sohigh10 34

But.. you love it?

But did you watch, did you let it burn?

sohigh10 34

But.. you love it?


How does one manage to crash a car into a bridge?

lmao by fucking not caring

Or by ice, other idiots, bad weather… plenty of contributing factors.

By having a car going forward while there's a bridge in front of the car.

I did it on a

I dont care I love it

That's what I wanted to say.

But did you watch, did you let it burn?

Did you put your SO's stuff in a bag and push it down the steps?

Oh, the irony! I'm sure Icona Pop wanted to cause many accidents with those lyrics, lol

Please go learn what irony is.

Oh, honey... @#35

Situational irony "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.". I think OPs predicament could be classified as such @35

...but this isn't contrary? Literally the exact same thing happened; I'd classify it more as a humorous coincidence

No, it's not contrary at all. It's literally exactly as stated. If the lyrics were about NOT crashing into a bridge it could be ironic. As it is, it is just a coincidence, not irony. A very expensive coincidence.

Icona Pop <3

oh the irony!

I was talking to my ex today while a song about garbage was playing

Yeah you jinx yourself, YDI. But sorry you crashed.

#9 you obviously don't love it. Or understand it.

I do understand but I'm just saying the OP jinxed themselves

How is that jinxing herself/himself? For all you know it was a coincidence that the radio station played that song right at that moment.

ThatOneChick856 36

So if listening to a song with certain lyrics jinxes you, I'm wondering where the plethora of guys and girls who want to do me are!!

Who knows, mabey they'll call you from a payphone

Go read a book.

But did you love it?