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  JMichael  |  25

You have no need to apologize OP. He's in the wrong not you. So I agree with these comments. Dump his douche ass and the best friend can go to boot.

  Ltsdragons  |  19

#54 It doesn't have to do with winning all the time. My girlfriend and I hardly argue and that's because when we argue we both shrug it off. But really you don't need to go on different comments saying the same thing

  Enslaved  |  36

Sad thing is, she'll probably stay with him. I've seen too many cases similar to these. For some reason I have the feeling the OP is going to allow the BF to continue to manipulate her and make her think it's all "her" fault he cheated.

But you never know what else is going on in this case. Ex: I know this girl that was cheating on her boyfriend. Her best friend later told her BF about the affair and they then became closer and started to sleep together in some sort of revenge. Now both girls are fighting for the same guy because, God forbid they'll allow the other one to "win" him! Even best friends can be very catty and competitive.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  22

Well I think in this particular case OP knows that it was a case of manipulation. She realized it after the fact. She got caught up in the moment and lost her courage and/or anger. This is a problem of course, but I think she knows she is not in the wrong here.

OP stick by your guns!! Or, you know, don't even confront him; just leave cold-turkey so he can't drag shit out and keep you coming back. I know it's incredibly difficult, I've been almost exactly there, but you CAN do it.

By  Im2Shy  |  16

The ONLY sorry you should be saying to him is "sorry can't fix this" Sorry op, he's a selfish goof and your best friend needs a slap too!

By  ToxicTyrael  |  26

Leave him asap. Tell this to everyone you trust (eg best friend) so they'll encourage you and help you get over your manipulative soon-to-be-exboyfriend! Sorry for you OP.