By RonnieG - 22/07/2013 22:30 - United States - Orlando

Today, I confessed to losing my wife's engagement ring, and replacing it with a lookalike months ago. My wife also confessed that her actual engagement ring was locked in the safe, and the one I lost had been a fake. I've been paying the replacement off on my credit card for 6 months. FML
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crazytwinsmom 25

They say good communication is key in a marriage.

Wow. It sounds like a sitcom.


Wow. It sounds like a sitcom.

egc573 40

Yeah, I remember that there was an Everybody Loves Raymond episode that had a plot like this...sort of.

Sounds like OP should have watched MORE sitcoms. Then he would have known that such plans never work out in the end.

crazytwinsmom 25

They say good communication is key in a marriage.

you should've come clean right away, engagement rings are kind of special.

crazytwinsmom 25

She should have discussed with him about locking it in the safe.

There was nothing wrong about keeping the engagement ring in the safe, and wearing a copy. It's however wrong to have lost the so-said ring and not coming clean immediately even if OP was insecure or afraid of being scolded.

crazytwinsmom 25

But the keeping it safe plan should have been made known to OP.

Tbh, honesty and communication are far more important. It's kind of sad that our society puts so much emphasis on the material aspects of a relationship (especially the rings and the dress), to the point where a husband would feel the need to lie about losing his wife's engagement ring for fear of reprimand. True, losing a keepsake wold suck. But in the end, it's only an inanimate object and the relationship itself is far more valuable.

lukep135 6

I've got it, just get a second wife for the second ring!! I've had better ideas..

sillyrosster 11

Yes, yes you have..

websphere69 27

Definitely, talking and honesty never hurt anyone!

Chellybelly92 14

This is why honesty is the best policy.

should have came clean about it instead lying.

Smart move by your wife to lock away the valuable ring and wear the fake. Perhaps you both should have been honest with each other though... Isn't that part of committing yourself to someone for life?

Dodge4x4Ram 46

the truth always comes out

So does ma diiiiiiiiiick

Sell one to pay the bills off.

That's what you get. Liar liar Pants on fire!