By Anonymous - 08/08/2009 22:17 - Australia

Today, I competed in a ballet competition and made the finals, while I was on stage awaiting the results, I sneezed really loudly and snot went flying all over the stage. When I went to accept my award the woman presenting it refused to shake my hand. FML
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Quite and achoovement. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Aw, yuck. You sneezed EVERYWHERE... but not your hand (I guess?), so that was mean of her. Shoulda held your nose, maybe?


Lol, good one. :)

rofl it looks like I was 2nd to comment!!

Well who would blame her? YDI for covering your mouth.

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YDI for being in ballet

i showed dis comment and scrolled down to see how long it was. that was 2 mins of my life i'll neva get back

Ew. What the fuck? She was supposed to rub her hand in your snot?

What do you do all day? Argue with more successful people over the Internet?

that's not an FML. that's just dumb. FYL for being dumb

I am a whore of some renown, your buttocks are my hunting ground.

Aw, yuck. You sneezed EVERYWHERE... but not your hand (I guess?), so that was mean of her. Shoulda held your nose, maybe?

Holding your nose when you sneeze can cause you to bust an eardrum. Trust me, I'm partially deaf in my left ear because of that.

i did that too! i plugged my nose and held my mouth shut and it came out my ears. i didn't bust an eardrum but it definitely hurt.

@#44 oh that explains why I'm going deaf.....I've been holding in my sneezes for years because I was trained by my Mom to "Shut the fuck up" at all times, sneezes included. I didn't think it was bad for my health.

Wow damn. I didn't know that. I always felt my ears pop, but I didn't even think about it.

wtf. how hard do you sneeze...

Quite and achoovement. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

It's snot that hard to notice what you did there. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Everybody nose what you did there. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?

Hahahahhahahhahah good ones

OMG HAHA CUZ CUZ SHE SNEEZED AND THEN ACHOO-VEMENT AND AND AHAHA #4 you should really consider doing stand-up you may be able to earn good money with those witty, side-splitting comments

you 3 win the internet with a chain reaction of lulz

I see what you did there.

ew. I wouldn't shake your hand either.

yeah. FHL if she had shaken your hand.

You deserve it for participating in ballet "competitions". Who does that?

for your information my sister did ballet competions when she was in high school, why does the person deverve that???

how do you compete in ballet? i can do more pirouettes then you can so give me a trophy? i mean really.

You're dumb. They judge on artistry, ability, and technique. Duh. There are some pretty prestigious ballet competitions such as the Prix de Laussanne and Youth American Grand Prix where you can win some serious scholarship money to further your pre-professional training. It's a pretty big deal to win in one of these competitions because some of the most talented pre-professional dancers compete.

@#13-- Look up "ballet competitions" for yourself, and find out. Don't go making judgements about something you seem to know little about.

Ballet is intensely competitive, and competitions help separate the best from the rest. Placing in a prestigious competition is an amazing asset to a resume and (along with auditions) can help secure appreticeships to big companies. Which hopefully develop into a professional career. I hope, I hope.

I do. Get a life.

11 why would i want the information about your families participation?

you won... not fml what about a hug next time? :-D

How come they refuse to spell check FMLs before they get put on the site? Good to hear that they were "pesenting" you with an award.

um, she spelled it right, look again n00b