By Anonymous - Australia
Today, I competed in a ballet competition and made the finals, while I was on stage awaiting the results, I sneezed really loudly and snot went flying all over the stage. When I went to accept my award the woman presenting it refused to shake my hand. FML
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  Luckster  |  0

@#44 oh that explains why I'm going deaf.....I've been holding in my sneezes for years because I was trained by my Mom to "Shut the fuck up" at all times, sneezes included. I didn't think it was bad for my health.

  TurdMonkey  |  0

#4 you should really consider doing stand-up you may be able to earn good money with those witty, side-splitting comments

  claritin  |  0

You're dumb. They judge on artistry, ability, and technique. Duh.
There are some pretty prestigious ballet competitions such as the Prix de Laussanne and Youth American Grand Prix where you can win some serious scholarship money to further your pre-professional training. It's a pretty big deal to win in one of these competitions because some of the most talented pre-professional dancers compete.

  acd23  |  0

@#13-- Look up "ballet competitions" for yourself, and find out. Don't go making judgements about something you seem to know little about.

  Maggey  |  19

Ballet is intensely competitive, and competitions help separate the best from the rest. Placing in a prestigious competition is an amazing asset to a resume and (along with auditions) can help secure appreticeships to big companies. Which hopefully develop into a professional career. I hope, I hope.