By SingleWorker - United States
Today, I come home for lunch. I see a sandwich on the table with a note saying "I hope we can have a healthy new relationship, Love, Carissa." I see another note from my girlfriend next to it saying "I hope you enjoy your new relationship with Carissa." Carissa is my new step mother. FML
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  cocacola999  |  27

Agreed. You'd think that she saw the name Carissa and thought: "Oh, that's his step mom.". This FML doesn't state whether OP still lives with his father, but it apparent that either a) his girlfriend is comfortable enough to visit his parents house while he's not home or b) Carissa and his father are comfortable enough to let themselves into OP's home while he's not there. Either way, it would be very weird if his girlfriend and Carissa haven't met. Or OP's girlfriend is a self-centered bitch who can't remember the simplest facts about his life. Or a paranoid pervert who actually thought his step mom was making a move.


  Totenglocke  |  0

Exactly. What kind of a person doesn't tell their boyfriend or girlfriend that their parents are getting remarried? If you bothered to TALK to her, she'd have known that you have a new stepmother named Carissa and wouldn't have assumed it was a girl you were cheating on her with.

By  rooskieroo  |  0 her and tell her the truth maybe?? and i do kind of agree with #4..maybe it's a good thing this happened. she should have called you and said something like.."you have a note from someone named carissa here..just to let you the way who is carissa?"

By  tyrob911  |  0

I say fuck that bitch. if she thinks u r cheating because of a note. i'd say dont call her to explain anything. get u another girl. she's gotta b the worst girlfriend in the world. it's sad that she doesn't know anything about trust

  RawNipples  |  3

First, I agree with you about OP's girlfriend jumping suddenly to believing he was cheating on her. People shouldn't assume so much.

Second, your grammar sucks.

Third, there are worse girlfriends in the world. My friend's ex keyed his car. She drew a graphic and detailed penis splurting juices onto the driver side window. She even went as far as painting white raindrop forms.