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Today, I collected my students' final essays. One of them submitted a printout of a screenshot he took with his phone. Too bad a browser address bar was still in the shot, along with a "click to read more" link at the bottom. My students are too dumb and lazy to even plagiarize properly. FML
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  CallMeBloo  |  31

I wouldn't send him a job application for anything. Jobs are scarce and precious in this economy. Most young people in need of money would KILL to work in food service. This jackass would waste his manager's time just like he's wasting his teacher's time.

There's nothing at all wrong with a decent food service job. I hate hearing those jobs being put down.

  xNotCreative  |  13

It's actually not that simple.
Plagiarism needs to be reported to the dean of the college and the student could potentially fail the class.
That's how it is at my college at least.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

It sounds to me more like a high school student did this. In high school, they'd give you a slap on the wrist and only tell you what your punishment COULD be if it were an offense in college.

  skittyskatbrat  |  19

No plague needed. Every time you go to the store, remove a few safety stickers. You know, the ones that say things like "Do not iron clothes while wearing" and the ones on knives that tell you not to stick them in your body...the blow dryers that warn you not to use them in the bathtub...

The problem should sort itself out fairly quickly if enough people do that.

By  katejones  |  8

What an idiot. Challenge for you to get students like that enthusiastic and motivated so they want to do the work and write .. Good luck! If you're looking for some inspiration I think coursera has quote a few free courses on education and in general coursera professors are really good.

By  mom_of_5  |  10

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