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Today, I clogged the toilet at my boyfriend's house. I couldn't fix it and was too ashamed to say anything. I can't handle confrontation, so I had to just sit there as my boyfriend's brother ended up getting blamed, then grounded for "lying" about it not being his fault. FML
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I'm sorry, but the toilet doesn't seem to be the only thing that was full of shit.

Aw, poor you. But seriously, screw you and fuck the brother's life. Of course it's embarrassing, but you really couldn't have taken your boyfriend aside and quietly explained the situation before it became an issue?


Aw, poor you. But seriously, screw you and fuck the brother's life. Of course it's embarrassing, but you really couldn't have taken your boyfriend aside and quietly explained the situation before it became an issue?

I couldn't agree more. OP needs to grow the hell up, take responsibility, and get her bf's brother off the hook for her screw up. This is a YDI if I ever saw one.

What I'm more confused by is why anyone would be grounded for clogging the toilet

If you reread it, he wasn't grounded for clogging the toilet, but grounded for "lying" about clogging the toilet.

You couldn't have unclogged it yourself? How did the brother end up getting blamed for it?

OP said she couldn't unclog it and she must have walked away and the family thought it was the brother.

It said she sat there quietly whilst he got told off, so I assume she was still there. I reckon someone (probably the parents or the boyfriend) found the toilet, asked who had done it, and when no one stepped up they assumed it was a younger person as it's an immature thing to dodge responsibility like that. Sucks for the younger brother who was actually innocent.

I dont get how you can't unclog a toilet. If you can't why not see if your boyfriend can help you unclog it?

I'm sorry, but the toilet doesn't seem to be the only thing that was full of shit.

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Oooh. OP might need some ice for that burn. (No sarcasm intended.)

Plungers for the shit*

you could've talked privately with your boyfriend and alerted him...wouldn't have warranted a confrontation

This is going to seem like a really stupid and somewhat odd question, but how do people clog toilets so easily? In my 20 years of life I've never clogged a toilet and I've never met someone that has. I absolutely can't stand confrontation either OP, but you still should have said something somehow. Text him or write him a note if you can't speak; that's what I do. Now you'll have to live with the fact that you got someone else in trouble and caused unnecessary tension.

My guess is that clogged toilets usually occur when the toilet is a bit smaller and has a weak/low volume flush. Combine that with a person who's just finished processing a few big meals... well, you get situations like OP's. Luckily, it seems like lots of porcelain thrones these days are marketed as being able to flush down a load of golf balls without clogging. If OP managed to clog something of that nature... that's beyond both what I am able to and desire to comprehend.

Fair enough! Thanks for the response! It's always baffled me, but it also amazes me that a toilet can't handle what it was designed for. Must just be older toilets or something, I don't know. Do you have to turbo shit like a tyrannosaur to clog a toilet or what?

My understanding is that US law (Federal Regulations) at one stage decided to 'conserve their precious water resources'. They mandated that toilets could only hold half as much water in the tank as they used to. All toilets built during those few years of insanity have unusually low pressure and water volume. Of course they often end up needing to be flushed three or four times.

Yep, todays toilets have low gallons per flush in order to"not waste water"

I think it's to do with the pressure of the flush but also maybe like a poop that is a funny shape, cos my little sister's have done bog stoppers before and one of them was 4 when she managed it xD

Yes large-girth and long-length output is a thing, especially for people with stretchy colons and/or digestive troubles. After my neck dislocated, my GI never worked the same and I had to modify my diet to avoid the runs. Now I learned to eat bready-stoppy stuff along with liquid-flowy stuff and it comes out pretty much normal. Except it used to regularly clog up the plumbing. My landlord finally got sick of clearing it every week and installed a new toidy. One flush of only 2.5 gallons clears it every time, as long as I hold the handle down to release the entire tank, and no guests screw it up by trying to flush too much toilet paper.

There is a toilet plumbing research facility in my state, and they developed a substance to simulate various consistencies of output. The pipes are clear plastic so as to see what happens with various designs. The bowl shape uses fluid dynamics to generate more flow with less water.

why the fuck would someone be grounded over a clogged toilet

Maybe the brother clogs the toilet a lot and the parent finally lost their rag about it?

Not grounded for clogging it, I'd think, but grounded for 'lying' to his parents about it

Maybe it appeared that the brother clogged the toilet and walked away from it, so the next person had to deal with it. That's pretty disrespectful behaviour, and to me that's worthy of being grounded. Maybe he does it a lot and this was the final straw. Maybe he's known for lying about things. It's not about the action itself, but the significance of that action. Who knows though!

Wow shit day for you and his brother

There wouldn't have been a confrontation. People are usually nice to guests no matter what they do (to an extent). YDI, F the brother's life.

I'm sorry, OP, but YDI. It's a rather shitty thing to do, to be quite honest. I'm pretty sure your boyfriend would have understood if you explained what happened. Your boyfriend's brother might now find it hard for people to believe him, when he tells the truth

Similar happened to me before at a friend's grandparent's house... We were going on a night out for New Years. My friend's mother got us a Chinese takeaway for dinner a few hours before hand and reheated it when I arrived using the microwave (it's actually extremely dangerous to reheat rice via the microwave, but I didn't know this back then). Approximately 3 hours later when we were putting makeup on, I needed to go to the loo REALLY bad all of a sudden (I had gallbladder problems at the time, so I didn't realise I was food poisoned because my poops never looked right anyways and had stomach cramps often), so, I had to go next door to her grandparent's granny flat as someone was in the shower at her place. Long story short, I clogged the loo after being in it for 20 minutes and tried and tried to unclog it when the squits finally subsided for a while, but my friend was at the door telling me to hurry up or we'll be late, so I left it and didn't say anything because I was too embarrassed. I felt awful. Her grandad is a plumber, so I'm sure he could have fixed it easily, but still. I feel the OP's pain, it really is shameful and mortifying and it's not as easy as everyone is saying to "just tell the boyfriend", or in my case, just tell the friend. If anyone is interested to know, I had to go to the bathroom (at her place) 3 more times before we left (didn't clog it) and I began puking when we started drinking at the pub, that's when I finally realised I was actually food poisoned.

Now that's a wall of TMI

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