By needanotherbed - United Kingdom - Ipswich
Today, I climbed into bed with my sleeping boyfriend after a long shift at work. He immediately rolled over, clamped my leg between his knees, and started viciously humping it. This is the fourth time now, and he still doesn't believe that he even does it. FML
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By  Danny_Boy12  |  13

Get out now!

  AnimeRules1125  |  24

You never know, he might be actually awake and just trolling you. I agree with everyone else, record it and see what he does. It might abruptly stop or it might continue.... Hopefully not! If it does, just Erm.... Buy him a pillow I guess. I usually always have to have something between my legs to sleep. Not for this reason necessarily but it might work! Good luck OP!

  lex1459  |  38

A more specific scenario but it's recommended if you have bad knees or hips too to keep them from further injury through the night. My step dad had horrible arthritis in his hips and I have knee disorders and we've both had it recommended.

  Queenie2014  |  11

I did that once when I was prescribed Ambien by my doctor. I apparently drove 3 hours across the state because when I "woke up". I was almost on Alabama ( I live in MS). Never touched that stuff again.

  raeepressley  |  12

My boyfriend has done that once or twice. Same situation, he was embarrassed until I told him I thought it was hilarious. Then we had a good laugh about it.