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  Today, I checked my voicemail. I was really surprised to hear an adorable message from my boyfriend, who was vacationing in Florida. I was even more surprised to hear him having sex with some other girl for the last seven minutes of the message. FML
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  Aish_fml  |  0

Hmmm...not sure if this is true. The last thing a guy wants to do before he gets some ass from a girl is tell her, "Hold on slut, I want to call my REAL girlfriend and leave her a romantic message."

Next, I don't care what kind of phone you have, ten minutes (or more than seven whatever) for a voicemail message? No, I don't think so. Sorry. Wayyyy too much time.

  inerdablanket  |  4

Maybe he was talking to the other girl, and ACCIDENTALLY called his real girlfriend?

And voice mails do last that long. My friends call me and leave me 10 minute voice mails constantly to annoy me.

  ms33  |  0

perhaps she wasnt aware of the fact that he was a pig - he was clearly sneaky seeing as he covered his tracks by calling her and leaving a nice message before getting into it with this other chick, just not well enough apparently seeing as he forgot to hang up.


He probably called her and said those things to make her believe he's not doing anything wrong...are you that stupid? and I've easily had 10 minute messages on my cell phone before, it's not rocket science -_-

  ReyEr9412  |  0

To all dumbasses who think this is fake because of the length of the message: Unless you are on some insane penny pinching, change-rolling, organ-selling phone service, there isn't a one minute limit to voicemails. There is also a new invention called a CELLULAR TELEPHONE. Called 'cell phone' for short. This device also allows you to leave a message for however long you want.

  devinashley  |  0

at all the stupid people who mention that recordings can only last up to 1 or so minutes: it's on a cell phone and even house phones can hold longer messages than that. so don't be stupid