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I've definitely done that before. Just send it out.

You're the idiot. The outbox is where messages go when you click send but before they are sent by the server. Whether or not the person has read it yet has no bearing whatsoever over whether or not the message is in the outbox or the sent messages folder. When you send an e-mail, it generally first goes to the outbox while the server processes it. Once it has been sent by the server, it then gets moved to the sent messages folder (if your mail client is set up to save sent messages). The only effect a person actually reading the e-mail has is if you request that an automated response be sent to you when they read the message. Otherwise, you have no way of ever knowing whether or not they've read the message. There is a very good chance that there is some issue with her mail server and that the message has been sitting in the outbox unsent even though she clicked send. It may have to do with the attachment size or some server side issue. So before you all go claiming that this person is retarded, or has Down's Syndrome, or however else you feel like expressing that she is mentally challenged, think things through a little bit. That's probably a bit too much to ask though, considering that FML is populated by a bunch of 13 year old boys.


You mean drafts or are you a downy?

No it could be outbox if the connection was bad or the file was too big to send.

Lmao, you suck at life :)

this doesn't make sense. if it's in the outbox, it means it's gone out. maybe in the drafts folder? i don't actually know....

Nope.. outbox means you clicked send, but it wasn't actually sent yet, probably due to size of the file or a connection issue or something.

it means it could've been a program like outlook that doesn't always send automatically and you need to click "send/receive" in order for it to move out of outbox into sent items.


YDI for making retards look smart.

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You fail harder than Twilight, Jeffree Star, and Brokencyde all together.

I told you to never, ever, say those words, Alan.

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Who moderated this? FAIL.

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I've definitely done that before. Just send it out.