By nudie - United States
Today, I checked an old photosharing account. I got a new phone last year and didn't realize all the pictures I took with the new phone would still automatically upload to my account. Unknowingly, I posted naked pics of myself online. Not one of my friends told me. FML
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By  drkwlf  |  0

They probably never saw because they never looked at the account because they don't give that fucking much about you, and also you said 'old' account.

.. Just guessing.

  SirAwesome  |  0

agreed. Like anyone wants to see every single picture some random girl puts up. Probably 100s of pictures of her cat or something before you get to the pussy you actually might want to see.

By  fucentarmal  |  1

without seeing the nakedity in question its hard to say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. need more info whether you have a fml or if your friends just think you were bragging