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  MrBoredGuy  |  1

1 - i know right? why go through all the work making a Facebook and then the relationship and then coming here and posting an FML about it? if it was that disappointing why even do it?

  totono  |  0

I don't understand. If he actually took the time to find someone, he wouldn't have to do something as desperate as this in order to get attention.

  LiLCarlson  |  3

There is nothing wrong with being single, really. More than that, it is much better than being in a relationship with someone who only makes you feel down.

Also, there is no need to demonstrate that you are great by faking a gf, the guys won't think you are cool and the girls will think "So what?" and still not be interested. If you want to be cool, do something you can really be proud of!