By sadlife - 06/01/2011 03:35

Today, I changed my Facebook relationship status to "In a relationship". The girl is made up and the picture is from Google. FML
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Go outside more often instead of using fb. ^_^

You know after reading this I think OP is proud of it despite the name.

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People are going to find out sooner or later ;/

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1 - i know right? why go through all the work making a Facebook and then the relationship and then coming here and posting an FML about it? if it was that disappointing why even do it?

lol yeah he's Kevin Drordy from the Facebook south park episode

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YDI I hope you know you can get in serious trouble for doing that shit nowadays

why? like honestly, why? nothing wrong with being single!

Yeah, but he's so desperate for a girlfriend that he made one up. And that's just sad.


this is awesome. he's pathetic now and cockblocking himself for later

I don't understand. If he actually took the time to find someone, he wouldn't have to do something as desperate as this in order to get attention.

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There is nothing wrong with being single, really. More than that, it is much better than being in a relationship with someone who only makes you feel down. Also, there is no need to demonstrate that you are great by faking a gf, the guys won't think you are cool and the girls will think "So what?" and still not be interested. If you want to be cool, do something you can really be proud of!

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He's going to become a laughingstock and be called "low-life you can't get a gf." We wouldn't want that, now would we :]

I Know right? Why even bother..single is good! It's gooooood (Bruce almighty) :)

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WIN! :D I love how you brought Bruce almighty into this xD

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Ydi for being that desperate.

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I'm sorry I just have to ask... why do you insist on being such a bitch to every person that has something wrong in their life?

#6 i agree! there's one thing wrong in his life. he think's getting a gf will make him so much "cooler" and any way it was his choice to screw things up for himself.

this guy brought it on himself.LOL I'm defending 6.just made a nerd reference.FML.

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so why bother?? google makes finding people even easier than facebook

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What a loser...sorry OP but wow. Why didn't you just name her your favorite **** site while you're at it?