By UnluckyLatina - Canada - Montr?al
Today, I celebrated my friend's birthday. While everyone was completely wasted, a couple of friends suggested that I throw a pie in the birthday boy's face. Only seconds after doing so did I realize that the centre of the pie had still been burning hot, since he screamed in agony. FML
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Even though this is being thumbed down, I agree. I always heard of people using whipped cream or shaving cream in pie tins for throwing into people's faces, not ACTUAL pie. It's just a waste of a good pie and more difficult to clean off of shit.

  CrassKal  |  27

33 - yes because the distilling process killing most bacteria making it safe to consume. Same with coffee and tea that require boiling water. But I don't see what context that info has here?


That's true. Also, how old are you OP? There's an age where this shit isn't funny anymore. If you're older than 13, you should stop doing shit like this. It's more likely to piss someone off than to make them laugh.

By  sturschaedel  |  27

Oh, wow, that poor guy! I really hope this won't leave scars. Burn scars are the ones that heal ugliest, and in the middle of the face that is really bad. Way to ruin his birthday, OP!