By Mr. Headshot - 25/04/2011 05:01

Today, I celebrated my birthday with a few friends at home. As I bent down over my cake, my friend pushed my face into it. The baker should have told me she put in a stick to support the cake. FML
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Olovio 5

Steal all of your friends socks. Have you ever walked around with no socks on? It's awful, just awful.


Ouch, poor you! But you seem to be fine if you're posting it on here now :)

Like the OP would seriously come back to check the comments made :P

"Quit horseing around before someone pokes an eye out!" "....too late" x.O

OP My Birthday was yesterday. In fact it was my Sweet 16. You know what I got? Nothing. In fact a tornadoe tore through Missouri and demolished my home. I also can't find my dog either.

Cjeezy 0

yea people on fml definitely give a shit about your birthday and what you didn't get.

This isn't about you, nor is it a place for you to get sympathy. Post an FML about it or something, don't hijack this one. Also, hope you find your dog.

jamieeeee 0

looks like you got the shaft...

ceinaworus 0

oops. sorry about that. I was button mashing when I though my iPod was locked.

103 sadly only a small few of us understand the joke. Any who, Portal 1 & 2 FTW!

123 how can you be button mashing on an iPod? O.o

FriskyCoconut 0

I feel stupid, I don't get it, would you mind explaining? :)


loll yeahh ikrr!!! she shouldnt be complaining if shes fine enough to rite an fml

maniaccy 8

Please. My eyes were too almost poked out with your grammar. Shouldn't** Write**

you just had to say anything short to be first didn't u .___. sigh...

but he wasn't first..... what are you talking about?

oliveindamiddle 0
callofduty4life 0

3 is obviously a man posing as a woman. all the "women" on this site are really men.

Lol 29 either that or it is a female posing as a model or something to that extent. Seen it happen before

Actually, every female is actually a male predator.

29 & 31 - I am neither of those things. I'm just me, and yes, that is my picture.

Take it as a very indirect way of saynig that your pretty. :)

Can't blame a person for being so cynical since it was like a trend =/ Well then I must say you have a beautiful smile.

callofduty4life 0

39 - Thank you :) 40 - Yes they are :) haha.

Edit: all the trolling vanished so my comment is moot. ****.

callofduty4life 0

Shit, time to fly to Australia.

Fatality. Cake Wins. Flawless Victory.

you tried to post 10 stories and out of those ten zero were picked?!?!?! ahahahahahhahaahahahhaha!!

wazupwolf 5

you posted 18 and got 0 approved!! epi

ceinaworus 0

At least she never put a hunting knife in the cake! ; )

ceinaworus 0

I think the worst thing someone could find in a cake would be chucky...

that sounds like it would be fun! putting a hunting knife in a cake... yummy and painful xD

oliveindamiddle 0

Ouch, that sounds really painful. But look on the bright side, you weren't going to eat that cake anymore anyway, so it's not like the blood that gushed down your face ruined it.

Olovio 5

Steal all of your friends socks. Have you ever walked around with no socks on? It's awful, just awful.

i think its worse to walk in wet socks....

i never wear socks what are you on about?? no socks=niiiiice. wet socks=ewwwy.

Go hiking/camping and steal their socks. That's when you need them most.

Hehe.... I don't need socks :D(five finger shoes are awesome).

73- five fingered shoes?! wtf? I've never even heard of that..

killa_k0d3 1

Ugh and the feeling of wearing tennis shoes with no socks on....horrible.


Her hows it going names gus

Sniper_Fidelis 1

You can't put me too?retard?

ouch. your friend is an idiot but he didnt know there was a stick in it i guess.

ouch. that is totally something my friends would do....hopefully your face feels better! Happy Birthday! ;)