By Anonymous - United States
Today, I celebrated my birthday. When asked last week, I said I wanted a keyboard. When I opened the present, my parents went into hysterics. It was an electronic Dora the Explorer keyboard. I've been studying music composition and theory for six years. They think my major's a joke. FML
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  bamagrl410  |  31

Haha I agree with number 1.

  labratory5  |  0

well bec your major is a joke
go to school for something that will take you some where in life besides a famous keyboarding douche there no famous ones

  farhil  |  14

It's only a joke if you pay for six years of school, yet don't have the resources to practice what you learn. Guess what? I'm 16, and had to save up for and buy my own computer to learn video editing. Buy your own damn keyboard.

  aliaskis  |  3

What point would they be proving besides the obvious lack of support for the interests and passions that their child has? It is OP's choice of major and at least s/he is bettering themselves by pursuing higher education. The patents don't have to spend money on a keyboard, but they also don't have to make a mockery of this persons dreams.

  green_eyes124  |  0

True, I should have put that in my comment. The parents should not have put down the importance of music to op. If it is something op is passionate about, ( or even if they're just curious and want to try it out) then the parents should support their child.

  RebeccaP2010  |  0

Excuse me, but that's where you're statistically wrong! The Music Major is the second hardest major to complete, next to biological science, which is the first; It's a fact. Music is far more complex than you think. But, you wouldn't know that, as you are ignorant of it.

  dhsdlbass2  |  1

joke major? who the hell composes, writes, and make all the music you listen to everyday or you listen to while you play cod or halo??? uhh...ppl who majored in music composition!!! you all dont think


62, I agree with you. i think far too many people don't understand that many many many composers who do music for media can charge reasonably 10k for 10 minutes. that's seriously 1000 for 1 minute of music.

But it's a joke. Sure.

I mean really... it's not like you're going to school to be a rock star.

And if your parents really don't support you, flip em off. when you make more moolah by tinkering on the keys for 10 minutes than your parents Make in a month, they'll quickly see how dumb they were.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

#62, the music I listen to was composed by people without degrees in composition but carry on with your wild assumptions that do more to hurt your argument than prove your point.

  lv426master  |  0

Hey. Watch it. Music theory and composition is an incredibly difficult major, that you can do virtually anything in the professional music field with. Composition, direction, teaching (with another degree), performance, there's a lot. Seriously, don't be so quick to bash something you don't understand.

  RussianShitz  |  0

Really? and who do you think designs everything you see? every building, billboard, advertisement, movie/band/game/etc poster, t-shirt, video game, movie, song and anything else you can think of was most likely designed by an ARTIST. Without artists there would be no television or video games or advertisements. the world today relies on people majoring in the arts in order to actually function. screw your head on straight and quit being and ignorant f***.

  Anaxes  |  5

The world relies on art? Good joke, I didn't know that in order to live you needed to have a dose of art every day. Must be what the children in Africa are missing. Also, buildings are not designed by artists - That would be fucking stupid, they're designed by engineers. Furthermore, the fact you mentioned billboards and advertisements in your rant about why art is important is truly troublesome, since apparently you think those important in your daily life. Stop being an ignorant fuck (Don't censor your own words, it makes you look pathetic).

On another note, I can't believe people took #31 seriously. When you say biology is not only hard, but the hardest, there is no way you're being serious (Physics and chemistry are the doctor and lawyer siblings to the street performing biology).

  FFML_314  |  11

Maybe OPs parents are wealthy and can afford more expensive gifts. Who's to say that OP wanted an expensive one anyway? Not all keyboards are expensive. My parents got me a keyboard for $150. OP should not be buying her own birthday presents.