By Isoldael - Netherlands
Today, I caught three kids setting fire to a bush. After chasing them off, I parked my bike by a house and went to get water. After I'd put the fire out, I walked back to my bike just in time to see the kids running off with it. FML
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  LiyIa_fml  |  8

At least you saved mother nature :)

Also, don't kids have anything better to do with their lives? -_- I don't even understand the point in setting a bush on fire. Worthless.

  VickLynx  |  6

Well on the bright side, atleast OP helped to put the fire off instead of ignoring it. God Bless you OP. Don't worry about those kids, karma will get 'em.

  Justforlolz  |  14

2- By all means please enlighten me on the purpose of those extra parenthesis. Is it suppose to mean that your mouth is unusually large? Oversized chin? Multiple mouths? Cmon' don't leave me hanging.

  Isoldael  |  27

Sadly, it was locked, but my bike has one of these locks that only block the back wheel. One of the kids simply lifted up the back while the other held the bars, and biked off like that. I would have used my chain lock, but was in a hurry since I didn't want the fire to spread :(


By 16 you're pretty much almost an adult & can take care of least I could. It all just depends on your maturity. I've met 13 year olds way more mature than someone in their 20s.

  airforce987  |  20

No matter how you identity yourself or your maturity level, legally and physically someone who is under 18 is a minor, a.k.a. child. I'm 17 and I acknowledge that, even though I've met 25 year old adults with the mental capacities of an 8 year old and could be considered their equal.


Yes, it does. If another place identifies you as an adult and you are a resident of said place, you are considered an adult by them. So what I'm saying is that age does not technically make you an adult if you can get emancipated and all this other shit. Besides, I don't really see why 18 classifies you as an adult. It's just a random number & it's not "scientifical".