By RyanJarmanForPresident - 23/11/2012 09:07 - United States

Today, I caught my teenage daughter smoking, and tried calmly explaining to her that it's quite bad for her health. She replied with, "It doesn't harm you if you're under 20." FML
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*insert are you fucking kidding me meme*

Oh god. What a moron.


*insert are you fucking kidding me meme*

You have one smart daughter OP.

At least her excuse wasn't YOLO

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5, You were number five. You didn't need to comment on one to be seen.

I hope she knows she isn't safe from people trying to insert things.

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At least this FML explains why so many young people smoke. It really is disgusting. I hate walking through clouds of smoke.

Then don't walk through

Op its to late for her im sorry....

I had to vote YDI because if she's your daughter you must have epically failed at raising her. Yeah some are just born less intellectual and that's nobody's fault, but you obviously didn't even teach her basic common sense. Most 8 year olds would know better.

#170 thats not entirely true. Some kids dont tell their parents anything and act all good at home. Usually their friends or tv influence them to think its cool. I know an 11 year old who smoked weed andact good infront of his parents. Of course he got caught but that proves that sometimes its the childs fault. Yes the parent should consut their kids more often but you never know.

My parents do background checks on my friends and i don't even do anything. The closest i ever got to drugs was going to my friend's house and she was smoking weed. She offered and i simply said "no, i'm good". It's really not that hard...

173-double post! Don't know whether to thumb down to bury it or thumb it up because I still agree!

Oh god. What a moron.

Natural selection at its finest.

10, She's actually more likely to have a baby, which is the criteria for selection - reproductability.

25 Has a vagina- has a baby in this age. OP should grab a needle and thread and seal off that gene pool.

She probably has been told by someone that smoking isn't harmful under the age of 20 and was naive enough to believe it. I just hope OP did the right thing and explained the daughter everything. Also, she should have had some education about this in school.

41- Was that a "is not equal to" sign? In that case I was just noting that while others were stating that they would be cut out of the genepool for being stupid, I was saying that being her being a moron= more likely to have unprotected sex= more likely to have a child. So that natural selection didn't apply in that way here.

Guys guys guys... YOLO.

143) What does this have to do with oreos!? (You Only Love Oreos)

Natural Selection is irrelevant in this day and age. There is no culling; the strong live and the weak do to. Unfortunately.

Yep natural selection doesnt apply to humans. Social darwinism is utter bullshit put forth by idiots who dont understand natural selection

That makes so much sense! Here I was thinking that my lungs would be damaged regardless of age but I guess not.

Say whaaa?!

Your lungs and health are affected no matter how old you are. Nobody should be exposed to smoke.

58: that joke went about ten miles over your head, yeah?

58: *facepalm*

In the famous words of Alan the fml moderator "have a sense of humor we want to laugh at you"

Yeah right!! Because the consequences begin when you are over 40

I wonder where she got that from. Not from health class I hope.

Could be I NEVER learn anything useful in health class...last week's lesson was "effective communication skills" which i also remember learning in 2nd grade. (Im in 10th)

No means NO! That's useful communication.

Mother of the year award right here.

80-parenting can only go so far...its not the mother's fault her daughter is an idiotic moron

Kinda is actually. All this fml means to me is op never took the time to explain the dangers of smoking to her daughter. It's not the schools responsibility and that one talk you had back when she was in 3rd grade just wasn't enough.

Because we all did exactly as our parents told us all the time as teenagers.

I haven't smoked or drank because I have seen the pictures of your lungs and your liver. Yah fuck drinking and smoking.

I'm not saying it's a for sure solution, but I sure wish my parents tried a little harder to keep me away from it. They both smoked from a young age so it was just ok when I was smoking a pack a day at 13. I'm 21 now and spend every day wishing I could quit. I've tried just about everything out thing out there to help and it's just never stuck....

Insist she starts studying biology in school. Or to start paying attention when teachers talk about health and well-being.

OP's daughter is probably still an idiot, but in her defense, she might have meant that the serious effects (i.e. lung cancer) don't show up until she's older. *shrugs* or she's just dumb.

Biology is animals.

Where I come from, bio= life.

Biology is the study of life, it also has many sub categories such as anatomy. Therefore biology was correct

Eoko - Biology IS the study of life, but even if you were correct (which you're not), humans ARE animals. So you're doubly wrong.

Biology really doesn't discuss the dangers of smoking, and neither does anatomy. It's a health class that she needs- or maybe just some common sense?

163 I take human biology in school, it covers the dangers of smoking and the majority of schools in my country run it.

She must think it can't legally screw her over unless she's a consensual adult, I think she's getting her laws mixed up.

Hey! Why isn't this a pun?

Oh sorry: "What a nico-teen she is! OP should talk with her about this in a firm manner and a serious ace-tone, so she really learns the risks of smoking. But at least she isn't on meth-anol those other drugs. As you were.

Good work soldier. Dismissed.

Make her smoke a couple packs in a closet. See how she feels about smoking then

Force her daughter to smoke a couple packs and take hours off her life... great parenting.

Wonderful parenting, she'll hate smoking after she does 20 packs in a closet.

it seems not to harm you if you're under 20 anyway

42, I've heard my parents say plenty of times when they were kids if your parent caught you smoking they'd make you smoke a pack there and then. and a lot of them got put off. I'll try and explain it, it's sort of like pain. Some people can tolerate it but in small doses and as their body gets used to the small doses you may become more tolerant and you will be able to take more. When children started smoking they normally did it because everyone else was but they could only have one or two before feeling it and not having another until the next day/week, my mum used to be like that but never got caught and to this day still smokes!

also, something tells me when she passes away no one will think "she could have had an extra 24 hours if her mother just hadn't made her smoke those cigarettes"

There's actually a form of behavioral therapy that makes the patient smoke nonstop until they throw up. Once they throw up, many times it conditions the body to hate the substance.

ok haha, sorry guys :P thanks 92!

They try it because they're curious. It leads to an addiction, and then it's hard to stop despite it having no benefits.

Smokin' killed all dem brain cells, gurl. Idk She doesn't seem very bright, and I wouldn't tell a kid their stupid, but she's stupid. Sorry.

I downed my own comment for making a typo. Now I'm downing yours because I'm a bitch.

I'm downing yours for downing 36 because you're a bitch.

Don't get your shorts in a bunch. It was just a correction. Feel free to thumb down more comments. That's badass. ;)

Their/They're is not exactly the only problem with those 'sentences' lol...

Adding onto what 13 said, you also have to actually WANT to stop. My grandpa smoked from the time he was 13 till he was about 30, and all he had to do was throw the pack down and walk away and he hasn't smoked a single one since. But he's got incredible willpower and is also really stubborn, so most people aren't able to do that. Sorry for the anecdote, just thought it was relevant. :)