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Today, I caught my pregnant wife smoking. This is after I quit over a month ago to show her my support and be a good influence on our child. FML
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Dude, be sure to lock up your booze.

Future mother-of-the-year, right here...


Dude, be sure to lock up your booze.

OP, I hope you bitch-slapped the cigarette out of her mouth.

Honestly I'm not gona laugh at this.. It would suck if your child would come out abnormal. Sorry OP, hope that was first and last cigg she has, at least during pregnancy.

This is the pure definition of a parenting fail. OP, your wife must have serious problems. Her hypocrisy just defeats the purpose of your ability to quit smoking. Sorry OP.

What, is she gonna allow your child to smoke once he/she turns learns how to hold one too?

I completely agree with 18. Her smoking goes directly into your child's bloodstream. On top of all the birth defects it will cause your child will be born with a nicotine addiction. At the very least you have to threaten to call the police for child endangerment.

She needs to stop immediately. My friends mother smoked when she was pregnant and her daughters hair grew in bald patches and she didn't get any teeth until she was 4.

I hate this fml, not because the woman is smoking but think about it in the 50's 60's and 70's women smoked during pregnancy and around babies after they were born... So if your parents are showing signs of abnormality your grandma was a smoker. 0.o

I know someone who smoked during her pregancies. The children came out perfectly fine. No brain damage, a full head of hair, and the children are quite intelligent. I'm not condoning smoking, I'm just making a point...

105 - people have a strong social stigma against tobacco. Even casual smokers get too much crap: people think smoking 20 feet away from them will give them cancer.

108- It's not just a social stigma. Everyone who is commenting about the possibility of birth defects is right. Smoking while pregnant is not at all good for the baby. Everything that enters the mother's body enters the baby's. Pregnant women who smoke regularly pass on the addiction and if nothing else the baby will be much crankier as a newborn since it's technically going through withdrawal and it all just makes the parents' life more difficult and often lowers the quality of care the baby is given.

Just because women use to smoke during their pregnancies and around babies after birth, doesn't mean it's okay. Educational adanvcements have been made since the 50's that proves it can cause harm to the developing fetus. Any mother to be in 2012 should be smart enough to know this.

76 - Let's be real here...if someone called the police on a cigarette smoking pregnant woman for child endangerment, it wouldn't be taken seriously. Smoking while pregnant isn't illegal. Irresponsible, yes.

Dude seriously lock up the booze?? You can't be serious they are completely different things. Cigarette smoke can cause low birth weight, preterm birth etc it does not cause birth defects it can aid in helping those to form but it doesn't cause them directly. Majority of our mothers smoked and some even drank and we turned out fine. Please do your research and also depending on how far along she is and her stress level the dr will suggest she cut back not quit

I would have to disagree. If we're judging by FML I would hardly say "we came out fine."

Smoking and drinking are two of the many things that you should not do while you are pregnant, such as riding a roller coaster. OP really should hide his alcohol (if he has any) so his wife won't make more bad decisions.

Back in the 40s you could shoot Jews for no reason, doesn't make it right

154 ever heard of fetal alchohol syndrom?

That's what you call teamwork.

Hey OP, so what if your wife wants to have a little fun, quit ovaryacting.

That's not funny, she is endangering their child. Just because you throw a bad pun on the end doesn't make it acceptable.

Dancer, I must respectfully disagree. The Mime is just making a joke, not advocating idiocy. Idiocy is taking a joke seriously. Well played, Mime.

I thought it was funny...

People need to read things more thoroughly before thumbing.

Future mother-of-the-year, right here...

Hey, she's still doing better than Casey or that octomom person, so props

Maybe she's just trying for a smaller kid to pop out? But in all honesty, midwives check the placenta after the birth and they will know if she's been doing anything dodgy. Not illegal but it probably should be..

Casey anthony wasnt such a bad person ... Nobody but her and her child and people involved truly know what happend... Dont do drugs ?

If nobody knows what happened, then you can't be sure she is a good person. If she didn't do it, then she is not one of the persons who really knows what happened - she would only know she didn't.

Not to mention a future father of the year. Why didn't the FML stop after he saw his wife smoking?

why does it matter that it continued?

@92 I posted it later that day?

I am sorry 134, you should talk to your wife.

Shut up 92, that comment makes no sense. OP was just adding it to show us the situation he was in a more detailed way.

Some people should not be parents.

Amazing. I don't think she should be allowed to care for a child if she has that kind of attitude.

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25- No, you need to calm down, motherfucker! (Not as cool as when Samuel L. Jackson does it.)

Hey hey hey calm down! Y'all need to wipe up the wet floor, because all y'alls is tripping.

Tripping or dripping?

That's just sad, smoking can cause so many health problems to that unborn child, I know quiting must've been hard, but come on! Is one quick smoke really worth your own child's health?!

Good point, for that matter just think how all those single cigarettes add up to packs of 20 each and the cost too! A pack where I live costs me $10.15 after tax!! lol smokings bad for you'r health AND you'r wealth!!!

I would be more worried about pregnant mothers smoking marijuana because that can lead to even more serious effects on the child. Sadly most people are quitting smoking and moving on to illegal drugs, at least where I live.

Not only its bad to the child, it indirectly affect the parents.. Hope OP does not pick up smoking again.

Actually there are no studies to prove that marijuana causes any severe side effects in babies who's mother smoked while pregnant. I had hyperemesis while pregnant and my Dr joked that if we were in France he would just prescribe me Marijuana for my extreme morning sickness. The only studies completed have only stated that it can cause low birth weight if you smoke during the first trimester. I am not condoning smoking while you are pregnant, but until further studies have been done, we won't know about the side effects or whether it's worse to smoke cigarettes or marijuana. (my votes on cigarettes)

My mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and I'm perfectly healthy. The doctor just told her to cut back a little because the stress of her quitting would do more damage than the actual smoking.

I think you ned to do a little more research. Besides this FLM has nothing to do with marijuana. Here is the bottom line. Op wife needs To quit being a selfish bitch and worry about the health of her child. Regardless of what the damage may or may not be, why take even the slightest chance when it comes to your own baby?

^ the fuck life my? And your statement is an oxymoron. "regardless of what the damage may or may not be, why even take the slightest chance when it comes to your own baby?" If there may be damage, isn't that taking a chance? Just saying. And people who are VERY heavy smokers can't just quit cold turkey, it's like any other addiction. You need to cut back like 131 said because that much stress is also not good for the baby.

No, you need to do YOUR research. Simply quitting cold turkey is actually worse for your baby and greatly increases the chance if a miscarriage than just smoking every once in a while. You don't know the woman's story. You have no idea if she has a lot of stress going on or how much she smoked before getting pregnant. So who are you to call her a selfish bitch? For all you know she is trying to quit but had a hard day and needed that one cigarette. Don't act like you know her life story.

Point being, you shouldn't be smoking ANYTHING while pregnant. And a low birth weight can be a serious problem. It shouldnt take "studies" to prove anything. Just some common sense.

Aww sorry OP, I'm trying to quit too. I quit at 9:00 P.M. so in 15 mins (12:00 P.M.) I'll be smoke-free for 3:00 hours :)

Hello I'm DrMime and It's been three hours till my next drink.

Awe cool! What's up doc! Wanna go grab a drink? (I'v always wanted to say that!

Good for you! Never give in and the urge to smoke WILL pass! Random online users are proud of you. Haha!

3 hours from 9pm is 12am, just sayin'.

Who says smoking is bad for your unborn?! I mean really, my mom drank and smoked while having me and I'm still inteliagint.

Not everything your mother tells you is the truth, no matter how much you want it to be ..

I hope that is a joke and that you purposefully misspelled intelligent.

lol you silly, smoking while pregnant is only bad for the mom (just like it's normally bad for you) except the moms body is under a lot of stress so smoking is harder on the moms body (I think that's how it is, don't trust me I'm not a doctor though)

I wish I could thumb this down multiple times.

Thank you 12 for pointing it out... *claps*

13- not quite. Everything a pregnant woman inhales goes to the unborn child via umbilical cord. All the smoke is shared with the baby. So it's like the baby's smoking too. Same goes for food and drink.

12- I think it was quite obvious that it was a joke, and misspelled on purpose, humor flies to low under the radar on FML sometimes.

Hey #26 Omg I had know idea! That cant be good for a baby!! Do you know If it's bad for my wife like by breathing because i just got new paint in our house? Or is that different from smoke?

34 - I didn't do anything to deserve this -.-

Hey #41 what do you mean?

Lots of medical proffesionals actually.

Seriously mime boy, who hurt you?

McDumbass- inhaling paint fumes kills brain cells. I think it may have already affected you though

Lol only bad for the mom? I hope that's a joke...

You are a good one. You caught the irony! But seriously, back when I was floating, it was common for pregnant moms to smoke and drink. guys do realise that drmime was being sarcastic right?

57 Just quit talking/typing. Please.

You do realize that when a pregnant woman breathes it sends her oxygenated blood directly to the baby?? nicotine filled oxygenated blood also goes through the chord.

It's hard to quit but come on willpowah put the bong down wait what were we smoking?

It seems as though someone stole all of the commas from this comment!

You don't smoke tobacco through a bong, dumbass. And this FML isn't about weed.

#110: Actually, OP just said that he caught her smoking. He didn't specify what he caught her smoking- tobacco, marijuana, crack cocaine? And technically, you can smoke tobacco out of a bong. Its uncommon, but very much possible. You can smoke tobacco out of a hookah, a bong, a soda can, an apple...

^lol so true. it was a cigarette tho.

Retarded from Birth. Here we come!

Who you? shut up thats sad

if you are someone who smokes heavily, it's actually worse to stop smoking whilst you are pregnant. It's a shock to the system if you just suddenly stop. A doctor would tell you to reduce the amount of cigarettes you have a day, rather than stop entirely.

I was going to say the same thing, Good thing I read your posts before I said the same thing you did

If you're planning to get pregnant, you should prepare and stop beforehand. It may not have been planned but it seems like the wife supposedly already quit and just couldn't let it go.

The wife only smokes when she drinks. (wasn't drinking this time) so no she wasn't even a regular smoker, but, even after seeing how hard of a time I had, felt the need to smoke a cigarette at the same time that I come home from work every day.

I would have the urge to poke her in the eye :p