By Username - 25/11/2012 23:36 - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today, I caught my mother trying to switch my contraceptive pill for Tic Tacs. I don't know what's worse - how far she will go to have a grandchild, or that she thought I wouldn't notice that my birth control left me with minty fresh breath. FML
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kdog333 1

maybe she just thought that you had reallly bad breath, and that it had to be fixed really soon.

This is really inappropriate behavior on her part.


kdog333 1

maybe she just thought that you had reallly bad breath, and that it had to be fixed really soon.

14- My guess is its linked to the psychotic state that lead her to do what she did when she found them.

my guess is that OP didn't play hide and seek with her contraceptive but rather left it in a place she will remember to take it, such as on the bathroom counter, med cabinet, night stand, or some other out in the open place. not everyone has a reason to hide birth control, I'm guessing that her family is more accepting* of its use than yours or something. *obviously OP's mother wanted a grandchild so she didn't want OP on the pill, but it didn't seem that she minded the pill was used in the first place

OP is probably an adult and she either lives with her mom or her mom was just visiting.

The nerve of some people..

And here I was thinking that my mother was crazy about grandkids...

Your picture matches that statement very well.

This is really inappropriate behavior on her part.

turtlemonkey 0

Shut your sensitive ass up

22- it looked like a valid statement to me. A bit of an overreaction from someone throwing out accusations of sensitivity...

StalkerChick 13

I think that was 22's attempt at being funny.

It's okay guys... he doesn't get out much on the reservation. He doesn't know any better.

45- how's the world of bubbles? Mormon porn must be an easy market to please, yeah?

I agree with 3. What if OP doesn't have the resources to take care of a kid? The mom can really screw them over.

25-You are among the far too many that recent needed to be told to GET A FUCKING SENSE OF HUMOR! ITS BLOODY FML!!!!!

No I actually found his reaction and following statement hilarious, which is why I pointed it out. As for you... -___-

if you found it as hilarious why did you put it down as an over reaction? your comment was pretty cut and dry about what you thought of 22's comment and at no point in there did hilarious pop out at me.

My boyfriend's grandmother wants to be a great grandmother. She keeps trying to get us to reproduce. It's weird, especially because we are 20 and 21. Its a little young to be doing that.

92 - Does it make you happy to tell everyone on the Internet what they think and do is shit? Because as I've been scrolling through the site, your name has come up quite a few times.

109-I say what I think. I don't like censoring myself, and I have capability of being an asshole. It happens sometimes.get over it.

Oh for fuck's sake, 78, just shut the fuck up already. You're bitching about how it's supposed to be funny; well it's not exactly funny to watch you whine like a little bitch just because somebody disagreed with you, either. least they're only two calories! (But seriously fyl OP, swap out her toothpaste for polygrip)

Or shampoo for hair remover. Or body wash with icy hot.

Or her vitamins for plutonium...too far? okay, I understand.

Which kind of calorie/Calorie? (I assume the kilocalorie)

thats absolutely psychotic. run.

Run? Unless OP's mum has a penis, I think she just needs to have a talk with her mother and take further precaution against her.

26: I don't see how talking to a woman this irrational will solve anything. I'm sure they've already discussed it, seeing as they've touched the topic of grandchildren already and OPs mom clearly did not care. Not everyone has a chill mom and a hard ass dad.

Hence the 'take further precaution.' Like distancing herself. Running seemed like overkill, which was all I meant.

Slip her roofies, or as Black Doug likes to call them floories.

You seem pretty fond of this 'Black Doug' you speak of...

Well, since The Hangover is such an epic movie, then yes, yes I am.

At least they weren't laxatives...

I'm pretty sure having an unexpected child is far worse that unexpected diarrhea.

42- How about unexpected kids AND diarrhea? Laxatives aren't a form of birth control, either.

Well I'm pretty sure I would rather eat a tic tac than a laxative. People are so serious these days...


cranker08 10

Aww in a very strange way I find that cute!

I find it strange how you can think this is cute at all.

tne201992 12

How in the hell is that cute?!!

If by cute you mean scary and problematic then I totally agree.

No, it's not "cute". She needs to have children when SHE is ready, not when her mother is ready for her to.

Shadow_Phantom 26

How is this cute? For all you know, OP could have a phobia of having kids. -- As for the OP... now you know to hide your pills from her. FYL

cranker08 10

You guys know nothing about her.. Like everyone else I'm assuming. op is probably old enough to have kids.. And her mom is probably eager to have one

"You guys know nothing about her.. Like everyone else I'm assuming. op is probably old enough to have kids.. And her mom is probably eager to have one" On what planet is that an acceptable reason for any mother to swap their daughter's pills without their knowledge or consent? Regardless of how old the OP is, NOBODY has any right to go behind her back to "trick" her into getting pregnant and having children. And quite frankly, I find it downright horrifying that there are people who find it "cute" or acceptable behavior.

You're right 49, we do know nothing about her. She could be terrible with children, hate children, be on other medication at the moment and can't have children for fear of them screwing with the unborn baby. Could be in between work, not in a positive relationship, no way of taking care of the child as of now. A medical problem that includes planning or her body will reject the child as a foreign body. (like mine). The list goes on.

kdog333 1

49- i dont think any of us were assuming anything until you came along.

Your mother is a selfish cunt.

savage93 11

At least u caught her. Imagine if u wouldnt have

CharresBarkrey 15

Even if she didn't catch her, she would know the difference between birth control pills and tic-tacs.

savage93 11

Ay i dont how bright this is

15 she might realise the difference but her mum could have hidden the pills after she switched them. Therefore OP would still be screwed.