By Anonymous - United States - New York
Today, I caught my half-sister stealing money from her mother's purse. Rather than risk getting in trouble, she told her uber-conservative mother that I've been seeing a girl. So now, I'm grounded for being gay, and she gets off the hook for stealing because she outed me. FML
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  jbuckets_404  |  38

The legendary RichardP likes to push the envelope ... in jest. He's a good egg all-around, but sometimes when you read his latest answer, your first thought is: Certainly did not see THAT one coming. Wow.... That's something new all right! [lol]

By  alycion  |  38

Since stealing seems to be ok, lie and say she lied to distract from the fact she was stealing? Unless if you finished outing yourself or there was/is proof. Then you’d probably get kicked out or sent to a fixer up camp. Sorry your home life is so crazy. The great thing about when you can finally move out, it’s your choice when and how often you allow them in your life.

By  404wan  |  19

I guess this is the moment your sister learns that some things arent forgiven so easily. If i were you she would be dead to me, from now on just act like she's not there, dont acknowledge her in any way. Like a wise man once said: hell is other people. Rain some hell on that bitch and show her the power of exclusion.