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By  DocBastard  |  38

Your brain is trying to save you from the pain of pinching a finger. You should be grateful rather than complain about the fact that your brain is obviously smarter than you are.

Wait, what?

  NJXD  |  0

not really, the children in Africa problem could be solved but the Japanese for now are fucked and if this guy Is complaining about a banged head and a sore finger I think he needs to see the bigger picture, that he has it better than the japanese populace

  catnip216  |  0

#15, Yes it is. But that's not the point of FML. It's for making people laugh by telling them about bad crap that's happened to you. Not a whole lot of people are laughing about the quake in Japan.


Serisouly...90% of the FMLs are things that aren't that bad.
They're here for entertainment. Just because someone says "FML" doesn't mean that they think their situation is the worst.
And sorry, but thinking about someone else having it worse than you would not make me feel better at all. That'd make me feel much much worse.