By Catois - 05/03/2010 05:17 - United States

Today, I caught my dog attempting to shit on the carpet. When I saw him, I screamed. Startled, he ran around the house, continuing to take his shit. Now, I don't have to clean up a nice pile, I get to go on a scavenger hunt and find all of the scattered turds. FML
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Hurry, before it starts to smell....

Two shitty FMLs in a row? Nice.


Hurry, before it starts to smell....

OP, YDI for owning a dog while living in Catois.

Sorry OP, I've been there done that, and it's not fun.

The trailing poop isn't the worst. The explosive diarrhea in a cage is the worst. I have helped clean cages literally lined floor to ceiling with shat. None on carpet at least... yet.

Two shitty FMLs in a row? Nice.

eeew.. go after the smell, watch ur step and thank god he didn t have diarrhea

Can u shit up?!

rolf nice fail

:D haha, lollllllll! I wanna see the dogs reaction when you screamed!

moonfire isn't necessarily wrong. Yell at them if you catch them before, otherwise yelling when they finish should have the same effect. Don't wait too long after though or they won't understand what they're being punished for.

all you're fault

just like hunting Easter eggs hey........