By 420SUX - 04/08/2012 06:17 - United States - Federal Way

Today, I caught my boyfriend staring at my sister through the doorway while we were having sex. FML
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Why don't you shut the door? :/

Finnick_fml 12

... many things wrong with this picture. You were having sex, with an open door; in a house where others were present. You continued having sex, with the door open, even after you realized there were people just outside of the door. I think it's safe enough to say YDI...


Why don't you shut the door? :/

Maybe her boyfriend was looking in that direction wondering the same thing.

dacuar 0

No kidding!

Sanch101 7

My thought exactly, why are they having sex with an open door with her sister just outside?

Wondering, now a days: Whats the deal about every girl's bf cheating on them with their sisters lol

The real question is why was she having sex with her own sister....... I'm kidding for those of you who didn't know

So your having sex with your sister and your boyfriend is staring at her. Not sure who gas the problem there. I know I've twisted her meaning, but she left it vague enough to have fun with...

26, OPs bf wasn't cheating

the important question is, how old is the sister?

I don't understand I took it as he was more turned on by her sister than her because he was more focused on her sister.

doorways have cracks in them, doesn't necessarily mean she could see. you all have this mixed up. she was mad because he was too busy looking.

Yeah...he may not have even been thinking about the sister, and if he was, it might have been, "why's the door open, and why is she standing there watching us? This is kind of weird!"

OP said she "caught" him. not caught her sister. which kind of implies him doing something he shouldn't.

Perhaps she has a picture of her sister in her room and that's what she was referring to by saying she caught him staring at her sister

tjv3 10

Am I the only one that read this and thought "Why was OP having sex with her sister ?"

Maybe he was staring at your sister , because he was making sure that she couldn't see you guys have sex?

^ If they had closed the door then it wouldn't have happened.

I thought it meant she was sexing her sister :) haha but nope.

She said "through the doorway"

RpiesSPIES 27

Doors seem to be too complicated for many people these days.

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better question is why was her sister watching them?

Airman1988 9

Because sharing is caring obviously

I think the bf was staring at the sister since they're having sex, and someone's staring from the door... "What are you looking, at babe? It's just a sis watching us phuk. Are you cheating?"

I don't see how the bf is the creepy one, I mean, who would ever want to watch your sibling having sex?! Obviously OPs sister is the creepy one!

no where in this fml does it say the sister was staring back!

It's hard to not notice when there's another person outside your door while you're doing her sister. Not like he was going to pretend he didn't see anything and continue. Definitely YDI for leaving the door open, why would you ever do that in a non empty house

ImmaB3AST 7

First post fail.

47- They were a whole three minutes off. And I highly doubt it took that long to write one word.

ImmaB3AST 7

He coulda had it written out, took a shit, came back and sent it?

I hope he was just making sure that she didn't notice anything >_<.

Just wondering... Why was your sister in the door way long enough for it to be staring? Does your sister watch?

LMFAOwned 9

The sister was there because it was like free porn. The boyfriend was looking at the sister to make sure his performance was satisfactory for the sister. All questions answered.

Why would you leave the door open? You're just waiting for something like that to happen

Am I the only one who thinks maybe the door wasn't open but could have been cracked? Or there was just a tiny sliver he could see through like bathroom stalls..

Finnick_fml 12

... many things wrong with this picture. You were having sex, with an open door; in a house where others were present. You continued having sex, with the door open, even after you realized there were people just outside of the door. I think it's safe enough to say YDI...

pcentral 17

Agreed. It all sounds very wrong and utterly disturbing. Not sure I would want to be living in that house!

7- when you put it that way, YDI doesn't even begin to cover it... :/ On an unrelated note, would I be correct in assuming that your username is a reference to the hunger games? If so, that is awesome.

20 - look at her profile. She pretty much confirms it with her saying she's from "district 4, panem".

Your grammar sucks, lol.

43- nah, too lazy for that :L

Ah, but was your sister staring back, OP?

Zoh_Aubrey 8

I bet she was.

That is the million dollar question

aaronire 19

If she was then it Sounds like a threesome opportunity to me :)

Jerry Jerry Jerry!

Exact same thought

That's slightly incestial

This is an opportunity for good old-fashioned family fun! ;) Giggity.

Pinkpoogle 3

Am I the only one who doesn't understand this FML? Can someone explain? Haha it sounds like to me that the OP was having sex with their sister while OP's boyfriend watched? Isn't that incest? Haha I'm confused :P

YakuzaxGeneralz 9

I'm confused too. The first time I read it I thought op's sister was watching them have sex. Then the second time I thought op was having sex with her sister and her bf was staring through the door.

Thank you number 9, I thought I understood it, now what I've imagined cannot be un-imagined. Must definitely be lesbian sex between siblings.

OP was having sex w/ her boyfriend. OP's sister was by the door, & OP's boyfriend was staring through the crack of the doorway. i think.

Pinkpoogle 3

24- thank you. Hahaha that makes a lot more sense

I'm with 13! I thought she was having sex with her sister.

See that's what I read to, sisterly love. Just a weird post.

ACClover169 1

She was having sex with her bf , and he was staring at her sister which was in the doorway.

That's what I got when I read it the first time

I thought lesbian sex the first time. Haha.

24- were you there to see what happened? O.o

AGhost5445 25

Was your sister creepin.

Eh big fat "you deserve it" for having sex in full view of your sister you weirdo. I'd never dream of having sex where my sister had even a slight chance of seeing me?!

She caught on that porn is best when it's free.

Porn is always free if you do it right.