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You've got to be kitten me.

*inserts an overused cat pun in a sentence here*


You've got to be kitten me.

Well you gotta admit, it was the purrfect plan..!

no need to get a cattitude about it.

It's a real catastrophy.

Cat you guys think of any original puns? :p

Cats out of the bag I guess...

You need to have a serious talk with him right meow

I'm really feline these puns.


meow it's time to talk to him about drugs.

Did that work out for him?

I'm guessing no since OP caught him.

Of course not. Everyone knows you can't get high off of catnip. You have to use oregano.

YDI for not getting him the real thing

Yea especially in a state where weed is legal...

Not if you're 15. I'm pretty sure that in states where marijuana is legal, you still have to be 18 (or is it 21?) to use it.

@31 It's 21! :)

#22 and while we're at it, why don't we buy alcohol and give it to toddlers! *she says in a sarcastic voice*

Thanks. I wasn't sure.

*inserts an overused cat pun in a sentence here*

*insert bad pun reply that will get downvoted here*

Swear these "insert" lines get used more than the thing they are taking the piss of these days.

Time for a little talk..

give him "the talk"

What does that even mean? Please, don't do that again.

Well I've heard that catnip pretty much makes cats high......... Who knows he might have a thing going there

People can soak catnip in water for tea & it can be used to calm you down a little. It doesn't make you high though. It actually tastes pretty good.

it doesn't, trust me

catnip does have some similar effects of marijuana but much milder. you can smoke or put on dip of catnip in and it will make you drowsy, that's it really.

Time to buy him some dope for a dope. Just kidding a education is in need.

Only pussies use catnip

Like me! Oooh! A shoestring!

Your Son is a moron.

He has to be catful with what he does.