By prostitott - 04/05/2013 07:22

Today, I caught my 14-year-old daughter stealing alcohol from me. After berating her for half-an-hour I finally said, "At least you're not doing drugs." She gave me a guilty smile and sheepishly said, "At least I'm not a prostitute?" FML
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I guess things could be worse?

When I was fourteen, I did some crazy things, but hey, I turned out fine. Right? Didn't I turn out fine?! TELL ME I'M PRETTY!


I guess things could be worse?

She's 14 drinks and does drugs? I don't know what else there is for her to do? She probably thinks she should wait with the prostitution till she's 16. Teenagers these days.

When I was fourteen, I did some crazy things, but hey, I turned out fine. Right? Didn't I turn out fine?! TELL ME I'M PRETTY!

AFloppyWetWhale 6

Yeah definitely, when I first read it I thought it said after a half hour of beating her

I'm 16 and I don't drink or do drugs, nor do I plan to. In my opinion, not all teenagers of this generation are corrupt, it's typically how they were raised that makes them like this.

They should stop blaming our generation and focus on the generation who raised us! I'm 18, never smoked, drank, or drugs. It's all on the parents!

77 has a good point

I wouldn't say it's all on the parents. Sometimes teens get caught up in the wrong crowd. I've seen some damn good parenting to some terrible teens.

Most of the time it is, 85. I have been at these parties with the wrong crowd who does nothing but drugs and alcohol, I was pressured to do these things but I never once did. Wonder how I knew better..

I wouldn't be so fast to blame it on the parents, sure sometimes you can but I would say it's all in the people they surround themselves with! Some give in to the peer pressure because they think it's the cool thing to do!

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No it's a personal choice. I was raised in a church and had great parents that occasionally drank but I started young. By the time I was 13 I decided it was time to quit partying and smoking cigarettes and now I'm a fully functioning adult about to get her bachelors degree I'm math and psychology. I still drink but that's it.

Maybe at an early age you can blame the parents, but she is fourteen and probably spends more of her time with friends or at school than at home.

14 isn't an early age?!? O.o

#77 I had great parents but I did drugs and drank, thank god that phase only lasted a 2 year's. Most teens experiment, hopefully with the right support they grow out of it.

blackman100 20

It helps to not berate your daughter.

65- not necessarily true. I had a great childhood and my parents did a great job of raising me. I started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs at an incredibly young age and I did not have a crappy life or parents as an excuse.

noonenoeone 22

170- How did you do drugs and drink for 2 years as a phase you grew out of when you're only 17??

Thats not always the case. My parents were amazing and i did that stuff throughout highschool. I think there's a lot that factors into it. A lot of times the parents can be to blame but I think friends and where you go to school can be big factors, too.

I'm sorry to say this, but at this point, she's probably become a prostitute by now, so I don't think thugs could get any worse. See you on Dr. Phil, or Maury, OP. my heart goes out to you.

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104, says you're going to school to be a lawyer.

Oh the fine line between being a prostitute and being a whore

Most of 14 yrs old kids are doing stupid things, when I was 14 I did heaps of crazy and stupid things. I have no regrets, that's how you learn, unless parents don't give a crap and let it go. My point is, it doesn't mean she will fail in life. I'm a financial analyst and believe me, crazy things don't prevent you from succeeding.

Terrorhobo 6

I started with weed when i was only 13. My mom found out and didn't get mad at me but made sure i knew to be careful and not get into more dangerous drugs and not to get in a car with someone who's high. I quit weed about a year after i started and now i'm in grade 11, have an 85% average, and have a job in aviation maintenance. Everyone experiments and if i can turn my life around i'm pretty sure anyone else can as well.

mfw using drugs or alcohol to fit in or cope with your problems is autistic. Your problems don't go away and those people you want to fit in with so badly don't give a damn that you even breathe.

#212, are you fucking kidding me? Do you even know what "autistic" means? It's a real disability that a lot of people, my brother included, struggle with every day. For you to compare them to people who deliberately fuck up their lives is a slap in the face to people with autism and all the people who care about them. Read a book. Damn.

Gosh you're pretty Trixie

Anecdotes are not statistics. Statistics says that we can do a bunch to damage our kids, and a bit to help them - but we can never keep them entirely safe. I hope my kids will wait with doing drugs until they're older than that, and that they will use them responsibly if they choose to indulge; and I'll try to instill the values that make them, and do enough influence on what kids they hang around with that it works. But there is no way for me to fully control it.

at age 14 I drank I did several different drugs and I was sexually active I don't believe this was at all my mother's fault she did a damn good job trying to raise me I just didn't listen I eventually graduated highschool (on time) with a 3.6 GPA I've since gotten married have two beautiful daughters three and five and I'm now going to cosmetology school now in the hopes of saving up enough money to move to Colorado and go to veterinary school the only thing I can do is try to raise my daughters well. They seem to be smarter than I was so I can only hope that they don't make the same mistakes I did and if they do all I can do is be there to support them and help try to put them back on the right track. The only thing you can really do with your mistakes is learn from them and hopefully be a better person for it. I hope OP will learn from her mistakes

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I have to agree, I'm 20 now and I went through my teenage years without so much as smoking a cigarette. I may be absolutely no fun, but at least people know where I stand.

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#59 you're pretty. lol.

#65 I disagree with you on the part of how it depends on how you were raised. I grew up in a good home, with loving parents, but I still went through a rebellious phase. It had nothing to do with how I was raised, it had to do with me being a narrow minded piece of shit.

your defo right

S13rra01257 19

But you all have to notice.... people blame everything that your people do wrong in "this generation" when it's not all our fault. Some of it is the last generation, and a lot of it is only SOME people of this generation who get everyone else a bad rep. Besides, people from the last few generations did the same thing as this one now is, yet "this generation" is still getting talked about!

grahmagog 14

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That doesn't quite work here.

If OP's daughter doesn't use protection she'll be having another type of burn.

Yes, would you like some cold water for your burn #2?

Would you like some shut the fuck up for your lame joke?

Guys - he read it wrong. He thought that the daughter was implying that the mom was a prostitute. Still an stupid comment, though.

An stupid really? A* stupid...

What's her number?

*14-- how's that for a number? :P

Here's another two: 5-20.

000 and you want to talk to someone about becoming a registered sex offender because that shit aint legal man!!!

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This is seriously disturbing....

BubbleGrunge 18

Hey, hey for all we know 3 could only be 15 himself.

No, 3 is 19 and needs to get their shit together.

#3 is probably kidding, I would hope he's not that stupid and desperate anyway.

20....years in jail that is

People really need to lighten up hey

This sucks MAJORLY for both of you...but if I'm honest: what went wrong with your parenting? It isn't all your fault but maybe you could have done something a bit different. Sorry if I sound so harsh OP but that is my honest opinion.

I'm 14 and definitely don't do this kind of thing. It's not only our environment these days, but the parenting also greatly affects us. Obviously it's easier to get alcohol and drugs now but I've been raised to respect myself & the law enough to NOT go there.

20- This, I think, is the key. No matter what awful impact society has on a child, it is the job of the parent to undue as much of the negative influence as possible by instilling that sense of social and personal responsibility and respect for oneself. I think too many parents are just willing to put the blame off on everyone else's influence rather than working to correct it.

That's hardly fair. Parents can do their best possible job and still wind up with kids that want to find their own way and make their own mistakes. No need to point fingers at OP here.

@29, it's true you can't always blame the parent. My mom and I don't have the best relationship and in my opinion she could have been a much better mom but because of the respect I had for myself and even for my family I knew I didn't need to subject myself to drugs and alcohol. Good kids can come from bad parents, but people get so sucked in and feel bad for themselves and lose all the self respect they have because they have the excuse of a bad home.

Yeah raising kids is soooool easy, man, anyone can do it, don't get all high and mighty Got ur back OP

Dawnstempest 17

It isn't always the parents. Some children are just bad. Yes, parents can help to guide their children to a better path, but in the end it is a path the children must learn to walk themselves.

monnanon 13

some kids need a heavy hand when it comes to disclipline however that same approach can turn a kid in a drunken, drug addled mess. the same goes for the more lenient approach. basically what i am trying to say is blaming thr parents is not dealing with the core issues in most cases.

@38. No one said it was easy, just that teenagers are old enough to know what self respect and self control is.

Coeliacchic93 21

I'm 19 almost 20 and was raised by my mum who did a wonderful job, we are really close and there is a huge amount of respect between us, I've had peer pressure to do bad things but I was raised to not only respect my mum and the law but also myself which is why i only occasionally drink a little bit and have never touched drugs or been in trouble with the law. What people need to be taught is respect, then teens like this wouldn't cause the stereotypes placed on all teens.

Well hopefully OP is not one of those hypocrite parents that brags about their glory days where they were drinking and doing drugs at a young age, but takes out their anger over their stupidity on their kids or one those parents that exaggerates so much that everything they say is ridiculous.

thelinlinx3 10

I have parents of really good morals, disciplined me well, showed me the right path. I just chose to smoke weed and once experimented with different drugs. It has nothing to do with bad parenting. Then again, I'm 22, but that's besides the point.

Unfortunately, that's called contributing to the delinquency of a minor here in the US. I think kids with a parent should allowed to get so drink they can't keep it down. Give them one bad experience and they'll be begging to stay home on Saturday nights.

Terrorhobo 6

Who said she has bad parenting? I started with weed when i was 13 and my mom found out and just made sure i knew not to try harder drugs and was safe with what i did. I quit a year after starting with drugs and if my mom wasn't so accepting of me smoking weed i probably would've wanted to rebel and would still be doing it now. Everyone experiments, my mom had a very good way of dealing with it.

Ugh, teenagers... Do kids like this think it's cool or something to do all this shit to themselves and their parents? My brother did all the same stuff when he was younger, and nearly died multiple times as a result.

*some teenagers

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I don't see the appeal of it, to be honest. I'm 17 and I've only had a few sips of my parents' alcohol, and I've never done drugs. Yeah, a lot of teenagers who do it think it's "cool," but I think some get sucked into it because they think they need to do it to be accepted.

monnanon 13

im 26 and was never sucked into all that at school. could never understand the faacination. even as a uni student i wasnt a heavy drinker or use drugs at all. it always made me laugh when those that did use drugs acted like they were in some sort of elite club

That's sort of horrifying about your brother, I'm sorry. But saying that, I started drinking (very small amounts) at a young age with my family. I think that approach made it so I don't get paralytic at parties behind their backs. Yes I drink, yes I have taken drugs (not hard stuff) My parents know, and it doesn't mean I don't have respect for myself and my family. There's a thing called moderation and experimentation. Got to walk paths and see what happens. But stealing is awful, and it sucks that OP's bratty child feels the need to do those things, especially the lack of communication before it was too late.

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah, I'm 16 and I've never drank, smoked, done any drugs, and I'm a virgin. Though, when my dad was a teen... He did everything. Drinking, smoking, partying, lying to his parents, not caring how anybody felt, was a HUGE player, he bullied people... I'm just glad I didn't turn out like him

102- you mean just being a teenage boy? And just cause your 16 doesn't mean you won't do any of it later in your teens.

102, "I've never drank, smoked, done any drugs, and I'm a virgin" That's not an accomplishment, That's a default, acceptable behavior for a teen. "You did okay" kind of behavior. For achievement, win a Nobel prize, graduate with honors/gold medal, or earn your first million before 18.

hellobobismyname 24

Not everyone who does drugs or drinks at a young age is trying to be cool or is even proud of it. And the parents could have provided all the love and support and guidance that they could. Sometimes there are other circumstances that could push kids to do those things. Being bullied for example, being sexually abused, losing someone close. If any of these happened to a child, something in them would change or weaken, even if the parents were there for them. So we shouldn't be so quick to judge. The kid could be a good kid, the mom could be a good mom. The kid made bad decisions but she seemed willing to be open about it. It's not like hope is gone for every child that made terrible decisions at a young age.

Not all teenagers do because I'm 14 turning 15 in a couple of months and I still haven't had my first kiss. So not all teenagers think its cool to drugs, alcohol, and sex or making out or whatever.

118 Maybe it being the default behavior is part of the problem, it doesn't give kids much incentive to be from their parents to not do these things. Personally at a younger age I made a decision to not do things like that and I upheld it at 18 I have never drank more than small amounts given to me by my parents and have never done any sort of drugs.

116 - That's not a normal teenage boy. Her dad was just an asshole.

I'm 16 and I have done drugs. I used to self medicate for a combination of severe depression and moderate to severe chronic pain. I never did drugs because it was cool or because I liked being high. I did drugs because when I was on them I wasn't in physical or mental pain. I've been clean for a bit over 2 months now and it's not pleasant. The depression is worse and the pain is more pronounced, but I'm proud of myself for being able to quit.

Holy shit, he almost died multiple times? That's bad. Dying once is enough for me.

150, There's no problem. It is a default expected behavior because it guarantees that you won't develop chronical diseases, drug/alcohol/nicotine addictions or won't be shotgun wed (or knocked up, if you're a girl) before your 18th birthday. Once you're adult, you can wreck your life however you want.

184- there were multiple instances where he could have died but didn't, to clarify. For instance, driving at night when he wasn't even supposed to be out and hitting a tree at 85 mph, nearly getting crushed by an 18 wheeler after passing it on an on-ramp, and having to go to the hospital more than once for alcohol poisoning. All between the age of 16 and 17. He's totally fine now, and my parents managed to make sure I never found out about everything until like a week later. So it's not too big of a deal now

nnnope 26

what kind of parent are you that your kid is drinking and stealing at age 14!? and "at least it's not drugs" is the best you could come up with!? the fact that she was smiling after you "berated" her for half an hour is very alarming. holy shit.

Being a parent is more than keeping your kid at home and making sure they don't do anything bad; in fact, parents shouldn't even be doing that, since kids need to learn some independence at some point. OP's daughter getting into drugs and alcohol doesn't mean her parents did a bad job, it just means her friends are also making bad decisions. Anyway, OP was berating her in the most mature way possible: sitting her down, and talking about it with her.

Parents can make light of situations because of the circumstances by having a laugh with their kids, even after 'berating' them. Having a sense of humor is key to maintaining any relationship, which you clearly lack.

its not always the parents fault. sometimes kids do things no matter how well the parents are. look at your face. what happened to your parents???

86 you can not be talking about his face when u look like shit yourself

95, HER face. ;)

6, I knew a school where majority of guys smoked cannabis and tobacco, were badmouthed, had no problems with alcohol, and some of them weren't virgins - at the age of 14. If you didn't do any of these, you were an outcast and target for attacks. The school was in a bad part of the town. You can't always blame parents, because society influences children. But you can't also always blame society, because sometimes kids do bad decisions by their own will.

StaceyMichelle 5

86, what someone does to his or her appearance has nothing to do with their parents. I have amazing parents and I have 3 piercings and 5 tattoos, and my sister is the same way. It's just what we're in to, it doesn't mean our parents were bad at parenting.

exactly and it doesn't make it right for them to blame the parents for this child in this FML either. that was my point.

Honestly growing up I was afraid of what my mom would do if I ever partied, drank or did drugs at that age, even though I'm legal now she still hates me drinking

I thought alcohol was a drug... You need not be worried.

By definition, yes it is. To quote the first answer i found on google. A drug is simply “Any substance which when absorbed into a living organism may modify one or more of its functions.” So by definition simple things like food and venom are in fact drugs. Yeah? The word drug in modern times only refers to ILLICIT DRUGS. Since Alcohol is legal in most countries and states by modern definition its not a drug. Why i even bothered looking it up, ive got no idea...

"Drugs you gotta do shit to it chemically, water, add bacon soda stir it up, I don't know the recipe I'm just saying" Katt Williams

Her point still stands.

Depends on the drug. If I had a teen that was smoking weed once in a while, I'd be substantially less pissed than if they were doing coke/meth/etc Another factor on weed is whether or not they're still doing good in school/etc

I'm sorry but if I had a 14 doing any kind if drugs I'd be pissed as hell!

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#8 - Any type of drug or alcohol is bad for teenagers. Until the age of (I think) 21, the frontal lobe (the part of the brain that deals with decision-making and consequences) isn't fully developed. Doing drugs and alcohol has a substantially more negative effect on the brain than if adults were to do weed or occasionally drink.

@45 Actually in some people, usually men the frontal lobe can still be developing into the mid twenties. While that can cause damage, any alcohol is going to kill some brain cells. I think that her being young would be a worry more for binge drinking, causing more damage to her liver. Or being so young she is likely to develop a more addictive personality to it. In any way it's unacceptable, and that's a hard situation for a parent to be in.

dixiefoxx 22

Yeah, what 58 said. My dad that used to drink all the time when he was a teen, and he became an alcoholic

8, if you touch "light" drugs as a teen, you might easily move onto heaver drugs later, turn into addict and die from overdose.

vizombie 16

The average age for a woman's frontal lobe to be full developed is 24, the average age for a man is roughly 27. These are just averages though.

8 please do this world a favor and don't have kids.

I agree with 8 if my kids are over 15 getting good grades and going to school I will let them smoke weed and drink. the drinking will be a holiday thing but I hate when my parents are hypocrites and I can't tell my kids I never did drugs so yeah.

121: Marijuana isn't a gateway drug. I used to be labeled a "Stoner" because of the amount of marijuana I smoked (purely for medical purposes) and was good friends with many other stoners. Almost all of us refused to drink alcohol or even consider doing acid, meth, coke, or any of the hard drugs. Marijuana is only a gateway drug if the user lets it be a gateway drug.

176, That might be region specific. In my area it is it is an illegal drug and its distribution is crime. People that could distribute it aren't the kind you want to deal with. Since it is an illegal substance, it is reasonable to expect that things go downhill once you start using it.

176, Regardless of it being "gateway" or not, you definitely shouldn't smoke it at 14. Grow up first, then smoke your brains out if you want.

Ask her if she's smoking reefer. On account of everyone but the gov't knows it isn't really a drug...

... Who cares about the government?!? Put the "reefer" down and get back on topic.

No, potheads like to SAY it isn't a drug. It is.

BubbleGrunge 18

54-seems like, according to your profile, Dr. Pepper is your drug of choice. Drugs and addiction aren't always pot, meth, etc...anything can be an addiction if it's used to the extreme.

it is a drug but it is ko where near a class a drug.

114 - Forgive me for pointing out the obvious but someone having an addiction to Dr. Pepper doesn't make pot not a drug. It really has nothing to do with whether other substances are addictive or whether you like pot or not.

At least your daughter is honest enough to tell you.

Well shit, when I was 14 I was out playing on playgrounds and jumping on trampolines and acting my age... It's making me sad to see kids doing these types of things now.

When was that, 103 a year ago?

No, but I am still a teen. I just kids didnt get into this addictive shit at such a young age.

TiMe_oF_dYiNg13 6

As if she would have told him she was drinking and doing drugs if he didn't find out..