By Anonymous - United States - Raleigh
Today, I caught a coworker at my new job staring at my chest. Trying not to rock the boat, I took him aside and asked him to stop. He insisted he was just trying to read my shirt. Our company uniforms don't have writing on them. FML
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  br0ccoli  |  14

31-Boobs can weigh a lot. Tomorrow, you should put 8 pounds inside a backpack and wear it for 10 hours straight. See how you feel.

I don't have big boobs so nobody PM me, mmkay? I just knew people were boobylicious.

  wlddog  |  14

I have a 30 pound belly and I work outside 10-12 hour days. My back doesn't hurt. Every woman I have seen that complains about their chest being too big outweighs me and could use exercise. You figure it out.

  schmelia  |  10

Fat around your stomach has a much lower centre of gravity - its not the same as having breasts.
And if you're overweight yourself, should you really be criticising others anyway?

  egc573  |  40

Unless she works at Hooters, I doubt her workplace would make women wear shirts that show off their "tities". The man was going to look no matter what. Don't blame her for his unprofessional behavior.

  Colonel_Lexi  |  18

115, I'm pertaining to her SECOND response("Take a joke, also we both don't know how she dresses like"). Everything in that particular statement is spelled correctly.

  egc573  |  40

Well, even then you're still wrong to correct 19. I'm pretty certain that she was referring to the spelling error in the first comment, which is a pretty glaring one.

(Just wanted to clear that up. I'm not looking to start an argument.)

  plaguer  |  26

140 is absolutely correct. Two comments, one has a spelling error, one doesn't, and you think I'm referring to the one without mistakes? Let's try and keep up.