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Gotta love boobies!!! :)

Well, you probably have a nice pair. So you should be happy.


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As a female I have to admit they're pretty great.

Yup big or small you gotta love them all.

All boobs are special in their own way.

"Uh, excuse me, my eyes are up here." "Yeah, but your boobs are down there."

You can't leave them out there and expect no one to look.

It's his right to look if he wants to. As long as he isn't harassing you, it's fine.

Well rock his world and flash him. He will stop staring. We only stare because we want to see them.

Could have been worse. He could have tried reading Braille!

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You should use them to your advantage against him… Or just file a complaint.

Actually alot of girls who have big boobs get breast reduction because it attracts almost nothing but perverts. Some say having big boobs sucks.

Actually a lot of girls get breast reductions because incredibly large breasts can hurt the back.

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31 - Why couldn't you have stopped at make it a crime, see that's funny. The rest is just makes you seem like a misogynistic douche. -_-

I am not fat and I work in a fast paced job 6 days a week. My boobs hurt my back.

31- carry your own set of DD and see how you feel after a long day-.-

31-Boobs can weigh a lot. Tomorrow, you should put 8 pounds inside a backpack and wear it for 10 hours straight. See how you feel. I don't have big boobs so nobody PM me, mmkay? I just knew people were boobylicious.

31- as a guy please stfu. You have no idea what you're babbling about.

They never said they have big boobs, they could be small/medium and stared at all the same.

41- fuck. Um, when you log in you may see you have 10 new messages. Pay no attention to them, and they're most definitely not from me.

What are you on about 70? This has nothin to do with the FML!

I have a 30 pound belly and I work outside 10-12 hour days. My back doesn't hurt. Every woman I have seen that complains about their chest being too big outweighs me and could use exercise. You figure it out.

Fat around your stomach has a much lower centre of gravity - its not the same as having breasts. And if you're overweight yourself, should you really be criticising others anyway?

Haha. 69 people liked this comment. ... Yeah I'm mature.

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47- Exactly. What he said was not very "clever" because there was no writing on her shirt in the first place. That was a fail. :/

Pretty sure that was a sarcastic statement about it being clever.

You gotta give him credit though, that was a pretty good on the spot excuse

Not really considering there is no writing what so ever on their company uniforms... Meaning even if there was writing, his would say the same considering it is a uniform... Haha.

He probably had used it before!

I'm definitely picturing this coworker as Ron Burgundy. "I'm actually returning these the...the pants store"

Just be happy that it wasn't your boss. -_-

Stop showing off your tities then

Unless she works at Hooters, I doubt her workplace would make women wear shirts that show off their "tities". The man was going to look no matter what. Don't blame her for his unprofessional behavior.

take a joke, also we both don't know how she dresses like

The only joke is your spelling.

well, seeing as how she described the company uniforms in the FML, we can conclude that that's what she was wearing. Otherwise, why would she talk about it?

19, everything 16 typed is spelled correctly. The only joke would be her grammar.

The only joke is you people for complaining about her spelling and grammar on the Internet

Actually, as I pointed out, "tities" is not the correct spelling. So the spelling and grammar are both wrong.

Thanks, 115. Shameful that wasn't caught by 99.

I don't see why everyone's giving you the thumbs down. I gave you thumbs up.

115, I'm pertaining to her SECOND response("Take a joke, also we both don't know how she dresses like"). Everything in that particular statement is spelled correctly.

Well, even then you're still wrong to correct 19. I'm pretty certain that she was referring to the spelling error in the first comment, which is a pretty glaring one. (Just wanted to clear that up. I'm not looking to start an argument.)

140 is absolutely correct. Two comments, one has a spelling error, one doesn't, and you think I'm referring to the one without mistakes? Let's try and keep up.

..can't say much yourself ;)

Hah he's quick on his feet...not

Seems like a good excuse to me.

I would convince you there is invisible writing on your shirt, and then charm you back to my mom's place.