By Anonymous - 28/08/2013 00:32 - United States - Omaha

Today, I came into the kitchen to see how dinner was coming along. My mother was milling the meat around the skillet with the cat's poop scooper as a spatula. FML
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InfernoVivo 12

What a... I'm not going to go there

this needs follow up.


InfernoVivo 12

What a... I'm not going to go there

Blech!!! That's f*cking disgusting!!!! Make sure you make your own dinner from now on and clean everything yourself beforehand. Who knows what she's using to scrub the dishes with if she's using the pooper scooper as a spatula....

my question is; how many times has she done that in the past? :s

InfernoVivo 12

You guys know you're replying to me, right?

Yes they know, but in order for their comments to be seen they reply to the top comment. Otherwise they get buried

this needs follow up.

I think I "followed up" reading this fml..

My food just got one.

I cant tell if this is an innuendo or just unsanitary cooking

Well, time to go to subway.

No, that would be unhygienic.

Theres always the hospital ready for you OP Im sorry

Why the hell would she do that??

It was coming along well then.

NotGabe 28

That's some pretty shitty food.

MrBoredomioo 18

At least you didn't say "The Pun"

For added protein

InfernoVivo 12

Nope. Nope. No protein there. Nope.

#13 unless it wasn't properly digested by the cat. I think stool is blackish if there is unabsorbed protein in it. TMI

17, I was always told that black stools meant blood in the stool.

Yeah, black stool means blood. Also, my vet told me that cat poop still has protein in it, and something else, and thats what draws dogs to eat the poop (i find that very disgusting...)

meggieeee92 15

I guess it needed a little extra special flavor to give it the right kick.

Heh. You may need a trip to the vet after dinner.