By CorpDrone - United States
Today, I came in to work and found the conference room white boards completely clean. My assistant wiped all the white boards where I spent 10 hours writing schedule for the next three months. I was going to meet with all supervisors to finalize that schedule today. FML
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  dnlphm94  |  0

Agreed, too.

But YDI because you should have written it down somewhere and/or typed it on the computer. Sure it took 10 hours writing it, but you have to remember that a lot of the 10 hours was spent thinking about what you were going to write on the board. So it wouldn't have taken that long to re-write it somewhere after you're done.

  HahaYDI  |  0

Hey, you are really cool. I "gooded" your comment because I really think that people who are second never get enough respect. It's always the first poster who gets all the fun.

  Fryar_fryze  |  0

To Everyone who's saying "Use a computer" she was ment to go over the schedule with her supervisors and MAKE CHANGES to it, which would be alot easier on a white board


Today, while finishing up my work I noticed writing, on the boards. As it was my job to do so, I wiped them clean and went home. I then arrived at work the next day with my boss asking where it all went. I just erased 10 hours of work. FML.

  sr5nvy  |  0

No I think that signs are a crutch that help dumb people to stay that way. I am old school I say throat punch him and make him re-write it.

  lives_ppl  |  0

Geez people should stop getting all over the OP for this. You guys take pictures or stick post-its because you or someone before you experienced this before. However, the OP probably didn't even expect it since it has hardly ever happened before. You shouldn't expect her to prepare for what she didn't think of. Besides, after 10 hours, she was probably tired and just wanted to take a break.

  Flutist  |  3

So if I don't THINK something then it is not my fault? So if I forget to save my paper I get to tell my teacher, hey I didn't think it would delete itself. Can I please have an extension? Yeah right.