By Anonymoose - 29/09/2014 03:00 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I came home to a half-shaved dog and a laughing third grader. FML
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Poor dog :( Hope he didn't hurt the dog while shaving it at least.

I see a future hair stylist... or comedian.


I see a future hair stylist... or comedian.

Thanks for summing up your life #2

Apply water to burn area.

The kid is going places, not college, but places.

Plot twist. The cat got the kid and the dog stoned. And then shaved the dog.

Well look on the bright side, you'll have half the hair to clean up when it sheds.

Poor dog :( Hope he didn't hurt the dog while shaving it at least.

I agree but at least it was a dog and not a child!

#30 Dogs are innocent, I'd rather it be a child.

Well are we talking babies or toddlers?

#56 I meant babies

Be grateful they didn't hurt themselves, it could've ended much worse...

Make him shave the rest of the dog... OR shave half his head. let's see how he likes it.

he is just a 3rd grader..just FYI...

Do you think he shaved the dog by accident? His laughing means he knew what he did. If he is half shaven, he learns to not do to others what he doesn't want done to him.

He's like 7, that would be a complete bitch thing to do

I was 8-9 in third grade, and knew better than to give the pets haircuts.

Just so you know, I was half joking... just half. If I was the parent, I would seriously consider shaving half the kid's head as punishment, but I'd probably end up just making him shave the rest of the dog and then give him grooming duties for the rest of the year as well as a week long grounding.

Did they shave it as Simba?

I would totally understand why the kid shaved the dog like Simba if he did :)

How was the kid even able to do that??!???!!!!

Could have been worse, could have been a half-shaved third grader and a laughing dog...

Or a dead dog and kid, and the cat acting shifty as hell

Yea... that escalated at the speed of light.

3rd grade and couldn't even finish the job...poor doggie :|

I say shave half the kid's head and see how he likes it when he goes to school

I'm pretty sure the average third grader would wear it with pride.

A mad cosmetic...