By Anonymous - 06/01/2013 10:01 - United States - Austin

Today, I came home to a flooded apartment and water still pouring from the ceiling. The woman who lives above me is shocked that I would consider her responsible for the damage and doesn't think she should have to pay for it. FML
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Well it's not her fault her floors weren't waterproof, she just wanted to turn the place into a waterpark! You'll be thanking her once she lends you the slip 'n' slide.


That's really stupid of her, she could in the least, claim responsible, and help pay for the damage if not all of it.

It could not be her fault and just a burst water pipe. Just saying that's a possibility before everyone rants she's awful

That's why you always get renters insurance!! You never know what someone else is going to do!

Just take her to court. You'll win no doubt.

Judge Judy to the rescue.

Definitely not necessarily her fault. There's so many variables involved. AND at the very least, why not have renters insurance?

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Maybe its really not her fault an your pipes weren't up to code.

Wow that's such a mean lady!!! Sorry op, stuff like this would make me super mad.

Thanks for that comment.

Well it's not her fault her floors weren't waterproof, she just wanted to turn the place into a waterpark! You'll be thanking her once she lends you the slip 'n' slide.

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Especially when you fall on your ass and earn a spot on AFHV =D

Agreed. I'm sure the lawyer's opinion on who's responsible will make more of a difference than hers.

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You can sue if someone damages your property and refuses to pay for the damages, regardless of whether they did it on purpose or not.

@glockinator, with your logic, if I accidentally hit you with my car and break your legs, you can't sue me because it wasn't on purpose.

Move into a penthouse OP! Then there's no stupid people above you.

Yeah, but now look at all the free water you're getting!

Through the neighbor's yucky floor..?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't use that water in anyway...

I think you guys missed the sarcasm...

Glad someone got it!

It might have all come from her toilet

It depends how you approached her..

It absolutely does not. The water came from her apartment so OP had every right to be angry.

I pretty sure OP approached her calmly otherwise it wouldn't be on FML.

This is how OP approached her: "Well I woke up to get me a cold pop and then I thought somebody was taking a piss. I said oh lord Jesus it’s a flood. Then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothin’ lord Jesus, I ran for my life. And then the water got me wet, I wasn't even horny....ain’t nobody got time for that."

Good attempt penguinbitch :) close, but no cigar :/

kate714 12

Omg... Lol! I thought that was awesome, penguin :)

Penguin, I saved this to my favourites just so I can read that comment again.

ROFL, your comment had me in stitches at work and now my co workers are looking at me funny.. Well Done!

That is ridiculous! Call a lawyer.

Isn't it also the landlords responsibility? Just wondering, don't shoot the curious puppy! D:

I would think keeping up with maintenance so pipes don't burst would be the landlord's responsibility, along with any related damage.

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Bad puppy! Curiosity is for cats!

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If you're leasing the apartment and the cause of the leak is a broken pipe (for example) then it would be the owner's responsibility. Either way, I hope you have owners / renters insurance!

This. If you file a claim with your renter's insurance, they'll pay you and then collect from the appropriate parties, whether it's the upstairs tenant (and her renter's insurance, if she has any) or the landlord and his insurance as the owner. If you don't have renter's insurance, you're likely going to be stuck lawyering up and hauling them both into court. Good luck.

Glockinator 2

That is exactly what I have been trying to say! Alieze people who are saying that's so mean and sue her are people who clearly do not prepare for anything. That's why they have renters insurance and car insurance and all that great stuff.

82- Thank you for translating. :) I was stumped on that one.

What you could do is inspect her apartment, if she is innocent, she would have nothing to hide. I'm sure a brain-dead excuse like that would make her as dumb to leave evidence behind. Look through her garbage for wet towels or perhaps her laundry to see if anything is really soaked. That is evidence enough. Sucks OP, she should have at least manned up to the crime.

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You can't just inspect someone's house or things. That illegal.

What are these "Civil Rights" you speak of, 65, I'm sure the local precinct would be delighted with him taking the initiative against crime.

Yeah, they'd just love OP breaking the law to fight crime.

Batman does....

That's different, Batman can do whatever the hell he wants.