By Anonymous - 05/05/2012 16:28 - United States - Belleville

Today, I came home from the minimum-wage job I suffer through to support my now ex-boyfriend's ailing music career. It seems his time management skills suck almost as badly as his music, because I found him in my bedroom, licking whipped cream off my step-sister. FML
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well at least jo can have all the money from your minimum wage job for yourself now.

Yeah he can pretty much kiss any monetary support you gave him goodbye after that stunt. Maybe your stepsis can help him out. After all she had the money for the whipped cream..


well at least jo can have all the money from your minimum wage job for yourself now.

You deserve someone better, OP. Someone who actually values your support and sacrifices. FYL.

You deserve someone who's willing to give back as much as they take. Someone who puts in the same amount of effort as you do, in a relationship.

Based on the "now ex-boyfriend" part, I think OP realized they can do better too

Who cares about jo? OP needs that money!

Who needs him your a free bird now so go fly

Whipped cream? Haha. Thats probably not whipped cream...

65- What man would want to lick his 'whipped cream' off of a woman? That's just wrong. I'm pretty sure it really was whipped cream...

77 - Like with most cooking, the prep work involved would probably kill the mood.

It couldve been anything. Youre right 77, no man would prolly lick his own off a girl...but who said it was a mans 'whipped cream'. I was simply implying that it could have ben something other than whipped cream...say melted icecream for example ? So back off.

I feel sorry for the poor cream being whipped...

Was he basing it on THE Joe, who has a wife and three kids and works in a button factory..?

Aye doctorhook is back around, nice.

thats right, dont ever settle for less then what you deserve!

ha! i didnt know anybody else knew that song!

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Obviously she won't be supporting him anymore! How can she possibly deserve this?!

I'm pretty sure that the 'ex' part only came into being as a result of this experience. Sorry OP :(

I don't think you quite understand WHY he's now her ex...

She was with him when she supported neither of the above are true. Edit: okay multiple people beat me to it...

I think you need to get slapped. She is writing her FML in a way that it shows that the FML moment happened some time ago. Now he IS the ex.

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Well, bless your heart then.

U must be new to FML if u didn't get that he became the ex after she found him in the act.

51- :D you made me giggle.

51- Wheres your list of reasons?

I meant 28 *facepalm*

BATMAN !!! ITS BATMAN !!!!! I FOUND BATMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

28-"theevildutchess"? Watch out, we have a badass over here.

Someone should also you for using "y'all" two sentences in a row.

all right. let's handle this in one quick comment! 56- I have a list going in my head. But do you really care enough for me to type it all out? BC I gotta tell ya, I'm not that witty. 66- I'm Adam West, bitch! I like you. You're good people 68-Yes... yes I'm a bad ass. But unfortunately my name comes from a book I used to read to my godkids when they were little. don't tell anyone. 70- I know. I'm horrible. but at least I spelled it "y'all' instead of "yall". I should be shot for not saying a different form of "you all"... but really who has the time?

Y'all best stay outta Duchess' way, she's distant royalty.

74 - you have all the time in the world considering you took some to write that long ass response xD Oh and im lebron james.

Ever heard of a good sumaritan? And yes I know I butchered the spelling but artists have spell check for that so I'm fine.

Whoops disregard that please... I misread the fml...

But you're an idiot

74, you do realise that you've written "bless you're heart" instead of "bless your heart" on your profile?

This is the most amount of dislikes I've seen on a comment

109- That's bc when I decide to be a raging ass-hat I do it right. I was kinda hoping to see if I could get to 200... but then someone started thumbing up. But it's ok. This FML is old now... I'm sure I'll find another FML about a simpering girl and her meany of a boyfriend again soon.

123- I know! I just saw!!! :D

I kinda have to agree with #2...

Probably you for not reading the post correctly. :D

They WERE together, before she caught him doing this, when she saw that they were through.

Yeah he can pretty much kiss any monetary support you gave him goodbye after that stunt. Maybe your stepsis can help him out. After all she had the money for the whipped cream..

Nah, step-sister is pissed too. Something about too much texting during sex.

Those two deserve each other. Get out and get on with your life.

I, for one, wanna hear more about the step-sister. And the whipped cream.

81- perfect fucking pic/comment combo

Sell your step-sister into slavery to support his music.

How about she just sell the step-sister and keep the money for herself.

How about we all just calm the fuck down.

I dunno about you, but I'm quite calm.

39 just needed a reason to say the word fuck.

You know what a whipped cream can will do to a human skull? Time to find out.

Shoulda just went back to work.

I'm sorry OP, but now you can get someone who respects you and can financially support himself.

First mistake: supporting a "musician" boyfriend. Did they at least have a camera rolling? He obviously doesn't have the talent to make it in music, at least he might make a few bucks in Internet porn.