By marriedtoaretard - United States
Today, I came home from out of state. I found out someone online had told my husband that the "fumes" from hot showers can be lethal. As a precaution, he removed the draft-blocking bathroom door to make sure it's "properly ventilated." FML
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For all the people who thumb me down, I would like to point something out. In my excitement to be first, I had to come up with something that wasnt one word, unrelated to the FML, and not the word FIRST!!! So, I came up with this. I mean, c'mon, look at number two, his two word comment obviously states that he thought he was going to be first. So before you freak out saying the fumes were from the shower, I would like to point out that I knew that. I was just excited, so I posted something that could produce a cheap laugh. I mean, how sad would it be if number two's comment was actaully first. A two word first comment would be lame. So, think about that before you thumb me down.

  MrSassypants  |  32

51 it has recieved "dislikes" because it wasn't funny, didn't make a point, and or was stupid. Just like if someone says "lol" as a comment. It's not wrong (depending on the situation) and it makes sense because the commenter thought it was funny. It still get's thumbs down.

  melchibr_fml  |  0

It's just as much privacy as a public locker room. Unfortunately I'm banned from showering in public, because of too many complaints that people were startled when they saw me because at first they mistaken me for a horse.

  mudkipsan  |  19

Well the thing is, this is kind of a real thing. Not quite deadly, but not good for you at all. People who hate long posts should probably go ahead and skip the rest of this.

Most shower curtains are made of a type of vinyl - specifically polyvinyl chloride. This material is soaking with a group of chemicals called phthalates. That's what the new-plastic-smell is. Phthalates tend to be really horrible for our endocrine system, but they typically get released very slowly over time. This process, like most, is a little more severe when the vinyl is heated up - for instance during a hot shower. When combined with a room full of vapor and no ventilation, the phthalates get suspended in the air, where they are inhaled in a quantity that is far from healthy.

So, it's not going to kill you. At least not soon. But instead of forgoing the door, OP's husband could have just switched for a cloth curtain.

  RufusCade  |  7

If not the phthalates, the Legionellosis could very well be lethal. But I don't think that improved ventilation is the answer. Just keep the temperature on the hot water above 45 degrees C (113 F's) and you should be safe.

With such an ignorant world... God! Take me away!!!!!

  Boobles89  |  9

Not only that, but there's chlorine in the water which when heated to 41 degrees Celsius turns to Chloroform, which can actually knock you out. Having a hot shower in an unventilated room is actually quite bad for you so it turns out your husband ISN'T a retard, he's just trying to do the best he can for you and has obviously not explained properly his motivations. So instead of removing the door you could convince him to either install a ceiling fan or get a KDF shower filter which will remove the chlorine.

By  MyPetNinja  |  14

Now you can't make drawings in the mirror when it fogs up! And although your husband is very gullible, he is just trying to protect you from the "harmful fumes".