By nicedoggy - 23/10/2012 18:05 - United States - Nixa

Today, I came home from college to find my favorite silk nightie that I had left behind being modeled by Bernie, the family dog. Nobody will admit to who put it on him. I don't know what's worse, that my family is a bunch of assholes, or that my nightie is big enough to fit a Saint Bernard. FML
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Maybe the dog just wanted to feel sexy

LiterOfCola 16

Bernie is proud to fit into such a small size though.. I say they did a good deed boosting his confidence


Maybe the dog just wanted to feel sexy

justonecomment 2

That sounds **puts sunglasses on** ruff.

chell1894 13

Hey, at least he didn't chew/destroy it. My dogs favorite "toys" are my expensive bras and panties and once in a great while a pair of jeans. I guess the lace feels good on his gums..

For someone not here for cybersex you're pretty okay with talking about your lacy unmentionables.

chell1894 13

There's a huge difference between wanting to have cybersex/sending nude pictures and making a comment about my panties and bras (which shocking as it may be every girl wears) that is completely relevant to this fml. So yeah.. Maybe your comment would have made sense if I started talking about bras and panties out of the blue...

wellfuuucckme 7

Oooooh guuuurl

Don't worry chell, he's a 19 yr old who creeped your profile to send you a nude pic expecting an MSN link for webcam, lol.. Meddlin' kids!

the_enigma1019 1

Someone is making a statement about your appearance.

LiterOfCola 16

Bernie is proud to fit into such a small size though.. I say they did a good deed boosting his confidence

missamazinggg 12

What's wrong with being a little Husky?;) EDIT: that was for the FML below. My mistake.

Bernie, just casually strutting his stuff around the house.

Your family is a bunch of assholes for playing a prank? Get a sense of humor.

KiddNYC1O 20

It's her favorite silk nightie!

That prank you're talking about wouldn't be so bad if the dog wasn't wearing her (quote): "favorite silk nightie". Do you know how expensive silk can be? [EDIT: Heh Heh, I spoke too early, looks like KiddNYC10 beat me to it.]

It never says that that the nightie ripped or ruined. The dog is simply wearing it. As long as its not ruined where the fuck is the harm?

10- You've made a valid point, but you need to remember that dogs also have fur and fleas, they lick themselves, and they are washed once a month. NOT exactly what I'd like my fine silk clothing to come in contact with. And unless I'm mistaken, I don't think you can wash silk the same way you can wash cotton.

KiddNYC1O 20

How would you like it if your favorite nightie was on your dog and when you retrieve it all you see is smeared shit all over it? Edit: Lol. Now you beat me to it! ^

You just hand wash silk. It's not that bad to clean. I still think its a harmless prank and she's taking it a little hard. She doesn't sound like a fun person.

justonecomment 2

10- I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want a dog wearing my clothes. Prank or not.

You never washed silk have you #24..?

#24 of course you don't see the problem. Your a ferret wearing a hoodie.

chell1894 13

I think op is more upset at the fact that her family showed her that she's the same size as the large dog. I mean that would make more sense to me. My dogs sleep with me if someone put my favorite clothes or nightie on them I would just say "very funny now take it off." I wouldn't think it's fml worthy

SmallBean 12

Chill out crewbrah, just let this chick react to her fml situation. You are making a big deal about her making a big deal. Let's just live and let live, you fluid brah?

Yes, I have my girlfriend owns a few silk items and her dog threw up on them so I have had to wash silk before. It takes a while but it's not that bad.

I wouldn't want family members going through my underwear drawer.

I agree with 59, that was incredibly hurtful and her family should apologize.

I'd be pissed too, silk is expensive. I say steal your family's favourite clothes and hide them until someone confesses.

Why put that nice silk garment to waste while you're at college?

By the way, the white stains that are on the nightie are slobber stains right?

Wear the nightie before its washed around your family. You'll smell so bad that they'll be sure to never do it again for fear of having to smell a dirty nightie that smells like dog.

If your dog smells that bad, he is in desperate need of a bath.

I would much rather have a family member smelling like a foul dog than a Family member that is a JB fan.

There's nothing wrong with JB.

Everything is wrong about JB.*** ^there, fixed that for you.

I'm not a fan of Bieber, but why hate him? if you don't like his music or what he does, than don't pay attention to him or listen to his music. simple :)

Agreed, 62. The only thing more obnoxious than a hysterical Justin Beiber fan is a Justin Beiber hater. "Oh my God! Human beings exist that like something I dislike! I should talk shit to them every time I encounter them!" Bitch, please. Get a life.

Guys I thought we covered why she liked JB ? If she likes him she likes him you can't change her decision.

unknown_user5566 26

Am I the only one who would've found this funny? As long as it wasn't ruined, I think that would make for a good memory.

THANK you! I don't know the first thing about silk, or "nighties", but I laughed SO freaking hard at this! Frankly, I find dogs wearing clothes hilarious in general!

I thought it was hilarious! I pictured the nighty as pink with some frilly lace. :D

I've got to be honest, it is funny. Horrible, but funny nonetheless.

dreamer9614 3

But most "silk" nighties ARE NOT silk. They're either a silk blend or straight up not silk. Real silk lingerie is very expensive ( think AP not VS) and I personally wouldn't have left that at home..... However if it were real I'd be pissed

actnjakson3000 0

Hilarious. I couldn't help laugh every time she put it on thereafter

Your dog is bringing sexy back.

...after OP killed it.

Movin' like Bernie.

start putting your family's undies on your dog, hopefully someone will confess in an attempt to get you to stop. MUAHAHAHAAAA